How To Create A WordPress Blog? Free Guide To Make You Rich

Blogging as everyone knows is the best available platform to anyone, to project their online persona. You need not be tech savvy or geeky to start a blog, in fact it is as simple as opening a new email account these days. For that matter starting a website with your own domain name has also turned out to be pretty easy with WordPress. WordPress which started as a blogging platform later got upgraded into a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS). A Content Management System is one where you can manage all the content of your site hassle-free with just clicks, you no longer need to know HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to put content into a website. The popularity of WordPress grew enormously because of the ease with which one can manage a website or a self-hosted blog and also for the enormous avenues it provides in terms of customization of the website/blog.
Creating a WordPress website/blog can be summarized in the following steps (for a full-length step-by-step tutorial click here)


  1. Choose a domain name – this is where you choose a domain name of your choice for your website/blog.
  2. Register with a webhosting service/domain name provider – here you register your unique domain name of your choice depending on the availability and sign-up for a hosting account with the webhosting company of your choice (for a full-length step-by-step tutorial on how to choose the best webhost click here).
  3. Install WordPress – after registering the domain name and signing-up with the domain name of your choice you go to the admin panel (C-Panel/Control Panel), go to ‘simple scripts’ and install WordPress onto your domain, by which WordPress will be installed on your webhost company’s servers, powering your website/blog.
  4. Customization – after successfully installing WordPress you can do a great amount of customization to your website/blog in terms of themes, and plug-ins.

The above points summarize very briefly how to create a WordPress website/blog and launch it ‘live’ on the Web. After launching your WordPress Website/blog, you can utilize it for diverse purposes. Some of you might want to just express yourself to the world, some of you would be so passionate with a ‘cause’ to spread awareness and a few of you would like to earn money through your website. Here, I will be elaborating on how to earn money through your website/blog and how to get rich. A note before I proceed here is – this is not a ‘Get Rich Soon’ tutorial by any terms! In fact, this is just a plausible way of letting you know how to earn money with your website/blog. Earning money and getting rich with your website/blog is a long-term process and takes a lot of creativity and effort. Though earning money and getting rich with your website/blog is getting tougher given the amount of websites/blogs sprouting-up every day – a creative individual might not be discouraged; there is still lots of scope for someone who is very passionate to start a website/blog, be creative and earn good amount of revenue through it. So let me summarize on how you can get rich with your blog, here we go,

  • Firstly, create a webpage/blog with content you are passionate about – it can be about anything as simple as your hobbies, favorite books, sports, photography, life, philosophy, news……whatever! Just make sure that you are passionate and can generate good quality, original content on a regular basis.
  • Your aim with your website/blog should be to draw at least above 1000 unique visitors a day……I’m right 1000 uniques a day! I know it’s hard to digest, but that’s fact! You cannot get significant revenue; forget about getting rich with paltry 200-500 uniques a day. And that’s the reason you have to be unique and passionate with your website/blog so that you can put your hearts into it and generate quality content, so that your visitors would love to visit time and again. And there are a lot of people on the web who did this and turned out into success stories. So you need not dishearten, just give your best shot at it!
  • You can gain traffic to your blog through various innovative ways – promoting your website/blog through social networks like FaceBook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter etc., and by letting your friends, family and businesses know your website/blog through ‘business cards’. You can try to be as innovative as you can, all just to draw huge traffic to your blog.
  • After developing a sizeable number of visitors to your blog, add relevant WordPress plug-ins and Widgets through which you can display Ads on your website/blog. You can also sell the Ad Space of your website/blog to various companies.
  • Revenue through advertisements on your website/blog may come from any of the following types of Ads, they are,
  1. Contextual Ads – these are the type of Ads which are automatically displayed on your website/blog depending upon the context of the content. The most popular of this category is ‘Google Adsense’, signing-up with Google Adsense is free, you just have to place the code of Google Adsense in the widget of your WordPress blog and drag it to the right position of your choice. And if anybody clicks on the Ad you are paid, payment would be monthly.
  2. Affiliate Programs – these programs give you the liberty to choose what products you want to endorse. Suppose you love to blog about books, you can choose to become an ‘Amazon’ affiliate and sign-up under them to display adverts of your favorite books. So that when somebody clicks on the book after reading your views on it and buys it through ‘Amazon’ you receive a commission, it’s as simple as that! There are hundreds of ‘affiliate programs’ available over the net, which you can easily search for and find one.
  3. Ad Networks – there are also Ad Networks which act as middlemen between you and the brands, what happens here is the you provide Ad Space to the Ad Networks for various brands and display the adverts through the widget of your blog, when any of your visitors click on those ads or convert or buy through one of your adverts you are paid. There are a vast number of Ad Networks that you can choose from, the most popular being – Chitika and Adbrite.

                                             Hope you got into the groove of creating your own self-hosted WordPress website/blog and getting rich with it. Just persevere……be passionate…….and get rich! All the best!

How to create a WordPress blog

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