50 top magazine style WordPress themes

50 top magazine style WordPress themes are displayed here. WordPress is the most popular blogging and web hosting site of the current day world. While browsing the internet, we come across hundreds of websites built on WordPress platform. WordPress offers striking features to designers making it easy for them to perform tasks fluently and easily. WordPress come up with wide range of themes and layout that serve great help in creating the look and field of your websites. Ranging from elegant styles to abstract models, various different types of themes are available with WordPress. Amidst all the magazine style WordPress themes too has gained huge popularity among users. Magazine style WordPress themes work perfectly well for people looking out for a news website or a magazine website. The layout helps users to read the content clearly along with the headlines that stay highlighted. There are host of magazine style WordPress themes available that offers you a platform to create your own creative website with elegant magazine style theme and features. WordPress offers some of these magazine style themes for free while others come along with payment. Here is a display of 50 top magazine style WordPress themes that will allow you to create your own striking layout of your website. Explore this gallery of 50 top magazine style WordPress themes and get started with building up an elegant look and field for your website with these themes. Experience this presentation of 50 top magazine style WordPress themes for better insights over designs.

1) Gurlznit – Blog and Portfolio Theme [demo][download]


2) SwagMag – WordPress Magazine/Review Theme[demo][download]


3) Loook – Responsive Magazine or Blog [demo][download]


4) Insignia – a Magazine / Community / Blog theme [demo][download]


5) Broadway – A WordPress Magazine Theme[demo][download]


6) Endless – Infinite scrolling WordPress Theme [demo][download]


7) Karmag[demo][download]


8) Dryer – Multipurpose WordPress Theme [demo][download]


9) Avett, an Elegant WordPress Theme with Flavor [demo][download]


10) Radial – Creative Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme[demo][download]


11) Sprout – Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme[demo][download]


12) Advance WordPress Magazine/Community Blog Theme[demo][download]


13) The Blog WordPress Theme [demo][download]


14) Strings Music and Art Magazine WordPress [demo][download]


15) Felici – WordPress Magazine Theme [demo][download]


16) Bangkok Press – Responsive, News & Editorial Theme[demo][download]


17) A – Personal Blog WordPress Theme[demo][download]


18) Stream – WordPress News / Magazine Theme[demo][download]


19) Webzine Magazine & Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme[demo][download]


20) Insomnia, a Customizable Magazine WordPress Theme[demo][download]


21) Construct, a Responsive WordPress Blog/Folio Theme[demo][download]


22) Ares Blog Magazine Newspaper Template[demo][download]


23) The Times – Clean Modern and Flexible Theme[demo][download]


24) Suberb – blog/magazine wordpress theme[demo][download]


25) Edge – Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme[demo][download]


26) I Love It! – Content Sharing WordPress Theme[demo][download]


27) Boulevard – A WordPress Magazine Theme[demo][download]


28) Maverick – Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme[demo][download]


29) Parallels Premium WordPress[demo][download]


30) Dailycious Creative Design Premium WordPress Theme[demo][download]


31) Shoutbox Magazine[demo][download]


32) Big City – Personal and Blog WordPress theme[demo][download]


33) Waves – WordPress Tumblog Theme[demo][download]


34) Avenue – A WordPress Magazine Theme[demo][download]


35) FactoryBox Premium WordPress Theme[demo][download]


36) Walken – WordPress Premium Theme[demo][download]


37) Brink – Magazine WordPress Theme[demo][download]


38) Continuum – Magazine WordPress Theme[demo][download]


39) Machtastic – Commercial WordPress Theme[demo][download]


40) Cracks – WordPress Community Theme[demo][download]


41) Colorwave – Premium WordPress Theme[demo][download]


42)Periodic – A Premium WordPress Magazine Theme[demo][download]


43) Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine[demo][download]


44) Magnifica | Blog, News & Magazine Theme[demo][download]


45)]Buffalo – Unique WordPress Theme (5 in 1)[demo][download]


46) Sofa Kasabian – multipurpose WP Theme[demo][download]


47) Made – Responsive Review/Magazine Theme [demo][download]


48) The Daily Press: Super Simple WP Publication Theme[demo][download]


49) – Expressive WordPress Theme[demo][download]


50) Idea 3D – Creative Portfolio Business WP[demo][download]

50 top magazine style WordPress themes

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