50 Free WordPress Magazine style themes

50 Free WordPress Magazine style themes are showcased here. WordPress is one of the top most blogging platform used by users across the globe. WordPress over the years has turned out to be the best and has successfully driven a huge number of users in using its service. Taking a glance in the search engine with any type of search, we end up reaching host of WordPress hosting websites. As WordPress is offering an important service for business holders across the world, it has played a significant role in providing specific help for websites maintaining blogs or news forum and so on. In that case, to generate usability WordPress has come up with a wide range of Magazine style themes that work perfectly well for the site owners. It not just increases user attraction but also at the same time improves usability to a great extent. Among these WordPress Magazine style themes a few are provided free of cost while others comes with a certain amount of pay. Here is a display of 50 free WordPress magazine style themes that will leave you bound struck and will serve great help in letting you choose the best one for your site. WordPress magazine style themes are usually designed as customizable layout. Most common theme options that come with magazine style themes are side width, widgets, sidebars, post formats, custom navigation menus, multiple from page grid layouts, drop-down menus and so on. Explore this gallery of 50 Free WordPress Magazine style themes and choose the best one for you.


1) WP-Bluemag responsive HTML5/CSS3 WordPress Themes [Download] [Demo]


2) The Morning After [Download] [Demo]


3) Bueno [Download] [Demo]


4) Meta-Morphosis [Download] [Demo]


5) Mainstream [Download] [Demo]


6) Irresistible [Download] [Demo]


7) BlogTheme [Download] [Demo]


8) Suv Zine [Download] [Demo]


9) Top Tech [Download] [Demo]


10) Netline Pro [Download] [Demo]


11) Felicidad [Download] [Demo]


12) Herberto [Download] [Demo]


13) Lindora [Download] [Demo]


14) Maxplus [Download] [Demo]


15)Faith WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


16) Vasiliki WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


17) Yamakazi WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


18) Mentor WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


19) Traditional [Download] [Demo]


20) Jovan WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


21) Infrared [Download] [Demo]


22) Drakon [Download] [Demo]


23)Fabiano [Download] [Demo]


24) Super Fresh [Download] [Demo]


25) Cry Book [Download] [Demo]


26) WP Premium [Download] [Demo]


27) Magasin Uno Reloaded [Download] [Demo]


28) WordPress Theme: Irontastic [Download] [Demo]


29) Nickelation [Download] [Demo]


30) Let the Teeth Say [Download] [Demo]



31) Licky Guess theme [Download] [Demo]


32) Resolution [Download] [Demo]


33) Maximum [Download] [Demo]


34) Diary theme [Download] [Demo]


35) Harimau Malaya [Download] [Demo]


36) Bright sky [Download] [Demo]


37) Corporattica [Download] [Demo]


38) Ari WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


39) Yoko WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


40) Divident [Download] [Demo]


41) Up Side Theme [Download] [Demo]


42) Adoway [Download] [Demo]


43) Adena [Download] [Demo]


44) Wellblog [Download] [Demo]


45) RPG.cod [Download] [Demo]


46) TumblePress [Download] [Demo]


47) Gunung Kendil WP Theme [Download] [Demo]


48) Sight 1.0.1 WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


49) Hellain WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]


50) Jestalil WordPress Theme [Download] [Demo]

50 Free WordPress Magazine style themes

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