50 Best wordpress magazine themes

50 Best wordpress magazine themes: WordPress magazine themes are best in the world for their versatility with utility and color schemes. Along with blog spot Word press is the best free blog and magazine space provider in world. WordPress magazine themes being versatile are more popular than blog spot. For a small or a big user it provides excellent usage options and can be handled well using Dashboard utility. WordPress magazine themes are easily available in web. Along with word-press making it available for free, other open-source users alter the themes and make it available for fellow bloggers and magazine publishers. We could find different options wordpress themes for magazine which are available like socialist, nationalist, lifestyle, sports, technical, sports, bikes, cars and daily magazines. WordPress magazine themes which are available is a perfect catch for writers and publication house which lack sponsorship to publish their own web copy. The way to navigate through these free wordpress magazine themes is easy as word press provides tags according to the type of content and theme schema. We can visit magazine tags and search for themes of our wish which can be based on colors, placing of tabs, design, schema, presence of dynamic HTML and font. We also can get the changes done in our present template by altering or even writing HTML for our wordpress magazine theme without getting the content literature altered. Word press magazine themes which are available widely for users becomes the best option for users of all ages and genera, as it captures their imagination and attracts a versatile group of users.

1) RedTweet [Demo] [Download]


2) Stylish Royal theme [Demo] [Download]


3) Recipy wordpress theme [Demo] [Download]


4) Jasper Theme [Demo] [Download]


5) Red Magazine [Demo] [Download]


6) Paletosi Magazine [Demo] [Download]


7)  Dromino Mag [Demo] [Download]


8) Folisteros Mag [Demo] [Download]


9) Fliphoto Photoblog Theme [Demo] [Download]


10) Gridnotez Paper Theme [Demo] [Download]


11) Dimenzion Retro Theme [Demo] [Download]


12) Gamevidz Theme [Demo] [Download]


13) Spakball Football Theme [Demo] [Download]


14) Pilemindustri Theme [Demo] [Download]


15) Swatch [Demo] [Download]


16) skeptical [Demo] [Download]


17) Bueno [Demo] [Download]


18) Meta morphosis [Demo] [Download]


19) Rainboow Theme [Demo] [Download]


20) Monochrome Magazine [Demo] [Download]


21) Blogtheme [Demo] [Download]


22) The Original Premium News [Demo] [Download]


23) Led Lights WP [Demo] [Download]


24) Western [Demo] [Download]


25) Cardboard Dreams [Demo] [Download]


26) Aparatus WordPress Theme [Demo] [Download]


27) Leptocaros Magazine [Demo] [Download]


28) Neste [Demo] [Download]


29) PeaseKeeper [Demo] [Download]


30) Cloude WordPress Theme [Demo] [Download]


31) Old School [Demo] [Download]


32) My Life [Demo] [Download]


33) Ascetica [Demo] [Download]


34) News [Demo] [Download]


35) Hybrid Theme [Demo] [Download]


36) Retro-fitted [Demo] [Download]


37) Life Collage [Demo] [Download]


38) Katana Magazine Theme [Demo] [Download]


39) Remixzone Theme [Demo] [Download]


40) Live Wire [Demo] [Download]


41) Malotis Magazine [Demo] [Download]


42) Mind Break [Demo] [Download]


43) Milano [Demo] [Download]


44) Irresistible [Demo] [Download]


45) Papertagz Theme [Demo] [Download]


46) Pure Magazine [Demo] [Download]


47) Fashion Press [Demo] [Download]


48) Photo tab Theme [Demo] [Download]


49) Fiesta [Demo] [Download]


50) Essenty [Demo] [Download]

50 Best wordpress magazine themes

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