5 Amazing javascripts from March 2014

The following are the ‘5 Must-Have JavaScript’s’ selected by Dieter Petereit for March 2014.

Physicians approve of JavaScript Libraries – they postpone onset of ‘Carpel Tunnel Syndrome’ by reducing the number of lines of code developers write. And code writers love them because they present a surfeit of choice and occasionally, in combination, trigger entirely new concepts.

1) ScrollReveal.js [ via ]

Developed by Julian Lloyd and freely licensed by MIT, this is a fade-in tool controlled by natural language to animate elements on a page when you scroll down to them.



2) Tether [ via ]

Is a JavaScript library element that tethers or links a fixed element on a page to an optional element related to it such as a balloon or box that opens as a dialogue or tooltip. This is available under Open Source licence from HubSpot, Cambridge, MA.



3) imagesLoaded [ via ]

Is a short JavaScript library that is dependency free for use with DOM. and detects/notifies status/completion of image-loading. Developed by Tomas Sardyha and David DeSandro, it is available for free under an MIT licence.



4) simpleCart(js) [ via ]

A library developed by Wojo Design, Chicago, Illinois and licensed by MIT and GPl for private and commercial use, this JavaScript adds ‘Shopping Cart’ to a vendor website. Add as many class-names to HTML tags as items available for sale embed this library and the site is ready to transact business.



5) sticker.js [ via ]

Is a JavaScript plus CSS3 combo limiting usage to recent browsers – in the
Internet Explorer family applicability starts with IE10. It is a dependency free library that creates a sticker/ ID look. MIT licence comes gratis for commercial and private use.