5 Amazing Javascripts from February 2014

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language and mostly used in web browsers. Upon implementation, it will allow client side scripts to interact with user and alter the displayed document content. Here are some of the must have JavaScripts from the month of February 2014. All of them are free to download from GitHub and use for private and commercial use under the terms.

ProgressJS will help you to create and manage progress bar for any object on the page. Iranian developer Afshin Mehrabani developed and released it in February 2014. ProgressJS is simple in use and it allows designing your own template for progress bar or even customizing them. View demo here –


Wow.js brings some activity to the otherwise motionless webpages as it reveals CSS animation when you scroll the page down. Wow.js was developed by Vincent LeMoign and Matthieu Aussaguel and works with animate.css. It is smaller than other parallax plugins, very simple to install and the lightweight code is very fast in execution. Demo –


Dug.js developed by Rogie King has a simple and lightweight code that will display your dribbble shots, pinterest pins, instagram and 500px photos or even the recently listened music to your website or blog.

View Demo


Zoomerang.js is a drop-in library that enables the users to zoom in on almost any element in a website. Developed by Evan You and the demo can be seen here –


Placeholdem animates placeholder carets on inputs and text areas. We are used to the carets disappearing abruptly on focus and sudden restoration on blur. This JavaScript developed by Jack Rugile allows you to have an animated scroll-like disappearance on focus and restoration on blur. Demo –