50 free HTML and CSS templates

A template is a pre-formatted file type which can be used to create a specific file quickly. You can find all the details in a template including the font size, colour and background. The design templates help in building an identity for a particular website. Since there are rapid changes in the technology, one must always keep themselves updated. Most of the designers seek the help of templates to help them get their creativity back into track. They also use these templates to build their own projects. The HTML and CSS Templates are the most popular among all the templates.

HTML Templates is a great source of help for someone who is new to web designing. The Hypertext markup language is a simple programming language, that not only creates a structure for a website but also helps in formatting the elements and the text pictures. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets that offer more control in formatting the content of your website.With the help of CSS, you can also alter the appearance of the site and change some formatting options, colour, font, size, etc. Nowadays you can find several free HTML and CSS Templates designed by professional designers. These templates help you in saving time. Since it is pre-designed very less modifications are required to create your website. You can also save money and attain an attractive website that is of high eminence and design. Here are certain samples of eye-catching templates which can aid you to generate high-quality designs for your website.


1) Prosperous [Demo] [Download]


2) Pet Clinic [Demo] [Download]


3) Threadlike Template [Demo] [Download]


4) Lisa Tom Free Template [Demo] [Download]


5) Business Today [Demo] [Download]


6) Creo Blog [Demo] [Download]


7) Darkness Template [Demo] [Download]


8) Gallerised Templates [Demo] [Download]


9) Bootstrap Templates [Demo] [Download]


10) Car Repair Template [Demo] [Download]


11) Retina Responsive [Demo] [Download]


12) zCumbeton Responsive Theme [Demo] [Download]


13) zBamboo Responsive Theme [Demo] [Download]


14) Digy Responsive Theme [Demo] [Download]


15) Cafe Template [Demo] [Download]


16) Proper Template [Demo] [Download]


17) Rock Diamonds Templates [Demo] [Download]


18) Urban Gear Template [Demo] [Download]


19) Ecommerce Template [Demo] [Download]


20) Movie Hunter Template [Demo] [Download]


21) Epic Template [Demo] [Download]


22) Creative Studios [Demo] [Download]


23) Coupon Theme [Demo] [Download]


24) Profolio Template [Demo] [Download]


25) Halcyonic Responsive [Demo] [Download]


26) Liquid Gem [Demo] [Download]


27) Respond [Demo] [Download]


28) Plus Business [Demo] [Download]


29) Point Business [Demo] [Download]


30) Wedding Template [Demo] [Download]


31) RS-4 Clean [Demo] [Download]


32) Art Template [Demo] [Download]


33) Thom Sander [Demo] [Download]


34) Caja Template [Demo] [Download]


35) Paris Clark [Demo] [Download]


36) Simplex Responsive [Demo] [Download]


37) StartUp [Demo] [Download]


38) Handy Man [Demo] [Download]


39) Catering [Demo] [Download]


40) Fitness club [Demo] [Download]


41) Spa Saloon [Demo] [Download]


42) Brownie [Demo] [Download]


43) Folder Template [Demo] [Download]


44) Elliot Html Template [Demo] [Download]


45) Simple Template [Demo] [Download]


46) Torn Template [Demo] [Download]


47) FusionEdge Template [Demo] [Download]


48) Photo Business [Demo] [Download]


49) Kazoto Template [Demo] [Download]


50) Clean Business [Demo] [Download]