50 free HTML and CSS3 templates

50 free HTML and CSS3 templates are displayed here. This set of templates is elegant HTML and CSS3 templates that will help you to create your own template and serve helpful towards the successful completion of your coming projects. HTML5 templates have earned huge popularity amidst users and with the advent of the new CSS3 it has become even more popular owing to its advanced features. This popularity is majorly because all professional HTML5 templates are compatible to all browsers. Also at the same time its beneficial functionality and features enhance the usability of these templates all the more. Since its release HTML & CSS3 has been serving great help for developers and it is one of the most popular templates used by them as these templates make their task of building beautiful and functional websites simpler and easier. These design templates will help you build the identity of your website and build a striking look for your site. All these templates will inspire you and gain you proficiency over the task of building new templates for your websites. Designers can download these templates from the internet. There are many websites that provide download features of HTML & CSS3 templates. While few provide paid templates, a few provide them for free. Here is a display of handpicked free HTML & CSS3 templates that will serve better insights to you. Explore this gallery of 50 free HTML & CSS3 templates and get started with creating beautiful and elegant styles for your websites.

1) IM Creatives HTML5 and CSS3 Template [demo] [download]


2) ThinkSimple HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


3) Principato HTML5 and CSS Template [Demo] [Download]


4) Androidian HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


5) CatTemplate HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


6)BlueBand HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


7) Red X HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


8) Fresh Ideas HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


9) Online Solutions is a 3-column HTML5 and CSS3 template [Demo] [Download]


10) Elegant Press HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


11) Carry The Load HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


12) Serenity HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


13) Muro – HTML5 Template [Demo] [Download]


14) Acallia HTML5 and CSS3 Templates Free [Demo] [Download]


15) Push HTML5 and CSS3 Templates [Demo] [Download]


16) Tattoo Trysts HTML5 and CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


17) HTML5 and CSS3 Template Impact [Demo][Download]


18) Free HTML5 Website Template [Demo][Download]


19) Music Website Template [Demo] [Download]


20) Coffee Cols HTML5 and CSS3 Mulch-Column Magazine Style Template [Demo] [Download]


21) Website Template for Horse Club with j Query Slider and Zoomer Effect [Demo] [Download]


22) Free Website Template for Business Site with j Query Slider [Demo] [Download]


23) Software CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


24) Free Website Template with Just Slider, j Carousel and Fancy Box [Demo] [Download]


25) Free Website Template for Real Estate with Just Slider [Demo] [Download]


26) Free Website Template for Business Site with j Query Slider [Demo] [Download]


27) Free Website Template with j Query Slider for Internet Cafe [Demo] [Download]


28) Action Free Website Template [Demo] [Download]



29) Free Website Template for Youth Organization [Demo] [Download]


30) Free Website Template for Exterior Design Project with j Query Slider [Demo] [Download]


31) Free Website Template for Law Business [Demo] [Download]


32) Free Website Template with j Query Slider for Consulting Business [Demo] [Download]


33) Free Website Template with j Query Gallery for Beauty Center [Demo] [Download]


34) Free Website Template with Accordion for Hotel Business [Demo] [Download]


35) Free Website Template with j Query Slider and Typography – Restaurant [Demo] [Download]


36) Free Website Template with j Query Slider [Demo] [Download]


37) Free Website Template for Charity Project with j Query Slider and Visually Arresting [Demo] [Download]


38) Free Website Template for Hosting Business [Demo] [Download]


39) Free Website Template for Photographer’s Portfolio [Demo] [Download]


40) Free Education Website Template for Learn Center [Demo] [Download]


41) Free Music Website Template [Demo] [Download]


42) Free Website Template for Web Design Studio [Demo] [Download]


43)  WT00816 HTLM5 Template [Demo] [Download]


44) Refillable Free CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


45) Petals and Flowers CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


46) Landscape CSS3 Templates [Demo] [Download]


47) Locomotive free CSS3 Template [Demo] [Download]


48) fertilization free CSS3 template [Demo] [Download]


49) True Nature free CSS3 template [Demo] [Download]


50) Sandstone free CSS3 template [Demo] [Download]

50 free HTML and CSS3 templates

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