5 Coolest web development tools you should know

Web developers face clients who want their jobs done ever faster, better and error-free – expectations are always running ahead of available tools. But there is help at hand from tool developers who provide kits that seem to outpace even the most demanding clients most of the time. Look at a few of the latest offerings.

1) CSS Pre-Processors

Offer in a single style sheet the style rules of multiple pages of a website. Every rule listed is not needed for every page. Response time to an HTTP Request could be minimized if only rules pertaining to that page are accessed. CSS4 @document rule makes this possible in Pre-Processors SassLESSStylus, and Myth.



2) Template Engine 

Multiple pages of a website may have identical header, footer and sidebars. When you make a change to any one of these, a Template Engine helps you reflect the changes in all the pages at once. Try KitJade or Handlebars.



3) Task Runner

Website building involves a series of repetitive tasks – minifying, compiling, unit testing and so on. The drudgery is nullified by installing and running Task Runners such as Grunt or Gulp



4) Synchronized Testing Tool

A website is accessed today on many devices including smart phones and tablets. It would help to test display quality on all devices simultaneously. BrowserSync and Ghostlab do just that.



5) Development ToolKit

Concatenate many tools in one application. For those who prefer GUI toolkits over text-based ones there are – Codekit for Macs, Prepros for Windows, Koala-app for Linux.