25 Free to use Jquery and CSS3 Image hover effects

JavaScript library allowed developers to design compelling and attractive websites with less worries. jQuery is a prominent JS library which made it easy for the programmers to create a variety of effects including animations. However the important players in the business of making browsers for internet did not let things go. With smart phones and tablets flooding the market, more and more users depended on these devices to access the virtual world. The browsers also got seasoned and started to offer solutions like never before. With that came the CSS 3 with a promise of more speed as it was rendered directly by the users.

jQuery was simply not designed to handle the high end performance requirements in animation and CSS 3 seems to offer solutions to all the short-comings of jQuery. Most of the developers were quick to catch the CSS bandwagon abandoning good old jQuery. Without proceeding much further, people started to discover major problems with CSS animation also. Those who have written obituaries for jQuery understood the importance of it in animation. The sound of death knell for jQuery is not heard at least for now. It is the appropriate selection of either CSS 3 or jQuery that presently matters in the world of website projects. A combination of both can also be used. Requirement, the project characteristics and target audience are the major factors that decide the choice between jQuery and CSS animation.

While there are some premium solutions and plugins available for a price, there is a host of these solutions available for free that will serve your purpose. We have compiled a list of free and amazing jQuery and CSS 3 image hover effects for you that can be applied in a variety of projects.

1) jQuery Slideshow Tip Cards Free Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



2) Animation CSS3 3D Grid jQuery Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



3) Ecommerce Product Display Free CSS Hover Effect [ More Information ]



4) 3D Grid Free jQuery CSS Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



5) Playing with CSS3 Animations [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



6) Social Mosaic Wall Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



7) Original CSS3 Hover Effects [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



8) Simple Stack Free CSS Hover Effects [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



9) Portfolio Wall HTML CSS jQuery Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



10) Nautilus SCSS/HAML hover effects [ More Information ]



11) Border Effect [ More Information ]



12) Hyena v1.2 Hover Effect for GIFs [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



13) Pure CSS3 Image Hover Effects [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



14) Hover Effects Pack jQuery Gallery Plugin [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



15) Free Image Hover Effect [ More Information ]



16) Hover Effects Pack – WordPress Plugin [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



17) SVG Hover Effect [ More Information ]



18) jQuery Hover Effect Plugins (Premium) [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



19) Hover.css – A Collection of CSS3 Hover Effects [ More Information ]



20) Shape Hover Effect With SVG [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



21) Animated Opening Type CSS Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



22) Animations for Thumbnail Grids Hover Effect [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



23) Pentagon Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery [ More Information ] [ Demo ]



24) CSS Powered Buttons with Hover Effect Tooltips [ More Information ] [ Demo ]