10 Most amazing Jquery Lightbox plugins

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries on the web which is an entertaining and high quality plugin. Almost all developer and designer are well acquainted with the functionality and features. JQuery resolves almost every issue and fits to your website requirements to make your website creative and innovative.

Some of the amazing jQuery light box plugins are –

1)  Quick & Simple LightBox Plugin For jQuery – Boxer [Demo] [Download]

Boxer is a jQuery plugin that makes it quick and simple way to display images, inline-content or iFramed URLs in a lightbox-style modal.



2) Nivo Lightbox [ Plugin Demo ]

The Nivo Lightbox automatically detects the type of content you are trying to show and loads it correctly. No extra setup is required. So no matter if you are trying to show images, image galleries, AJAX, Flash, YouTube or videos, another website or just inline HTML, Nivo Lightbox has you covered.



3)  jQuery Plugin For Lightbox Style Confirm Interface – confirmOn [ Demo ] [ Download ]

ConfirmOn is a useful jQuery plugin for creating a modal box style confirmation popup when performing important actions on your web page.


4) Visual LightBox [ Demo ] [ Download ]



5) Creating A Flat Style Modal Window with jQuery plainModal Plugin [ Demo ] [ Download]



6) Magnific Popup [Download]



7) Modern and Flexible jQuery Lightbox Plugin – Vanillabox [Demo] [Download]



8) fancyBox [Download]



9) iLightBox [Download]



10) Chocolat [Download]


JQuery plugins enhance your websites by making them multifunctional, user friendly and visually creative. JQuery plugins is basically a method that we use to extend jQuery’s prototype object. By extending these prototype objects, all jQuery methods are enabled to inherit any method that you add. JQuery is a multi-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, make event handing, animation and Ajax much simpler with and easy to use API across various browsers. These plugins prove their usability in getting a work done in an easy and efficient way.