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25 Colorful Website design for Inspiration

In the ever-increasing population of websites, it is very difficult for the websites to make a stand and stay in our memories and favorite list. But even then, a very few stay in our minds for the extraordinary designs, graphics, and unforgettable color patterns. In this era, the websites are not just expected to be

8 Mindblowing CSS3 Transitions you cannot avoid

A wide sea of opportunities was opened for User Experience (UX) designers with the introduction of CSS3. It is amazing that the best transition effects are very simple also. The user experience felt through the user interface is not just for a feel good factor, it can also transform into more sales. It is also

30 Free to use Jquery Login and Contact forms

There are many default forms and the styling of one’s own form with a jQuery plugin is the solution for the aesthetic issues with basic and old forms. One can find jQuery plugins forms which cover everything which one would think to form styling with the powerful jQuery. One have to fill various information in

12 Free to use Jquery Form Validation plugins

Most websites, whether running a business or not, do have web form. Validation has a critical role in the creation of all web forms as it validates the information entered by the users. This has become quite easy now with the availability of jQuery plugins available for validation. Here we analyze the best jQuery plugins

Amazing Jquery plugins from April 2014

JQuery Script is known to be the most popular and innovative Java script that is used by the programmers and designers all over. Every year there are a lot of jQuery plugins released with advancement, and we could find some of the best jQuery plugin in April 2014 as well. The plug-ins contributes to the