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50 Fresh Resources for Web Developers and Designers

Web designers make use of HTML tags and CSS to build a website. HTML tags are responsible for the content of any webpage and the page layout depends on CSS. HTML tags and CSS combined together form the basis of any website. It determines how a website will look like in a browser. There are

106 Free Flat UI Kits to Boost Your Designs in No Time

1) Flat AP UI Kit [Download] 2) Featherweight UI – A free, vector based and retina ready UI kit [Download] 3) Flat UI Free – PSD&HTML User Interface Kit [Download] 4) FREE flat UI kit. [Download] 5) UI Kit [Download] 6)  Polaris UI Free – User Interface Pack [Download] 7) Square UI Free – User

The Top 50 Free Web PSD Templates for 2014

1) Bahr [Download] 2) Bicycle [Download] 3) Blogify [Download] 4) Blogin [Download] 5) Bloom Desserts [Download] 6) Bloom Portfolio [Download] 7) Bootstaps Grid Based PSD [Download] 8) Brandi [Download] 9) BridgeTech Fitness [Download] 10) Clean [Download] 11) Colorful Grid PSD 12) Crafty [Download] 13) Eventpay [Download] 14) Flatstyle [Download] 15) Focal [Download] 16) FooseShoes [Download]

60 High Quality and Free Responsive HTML Templates

1) Affection [Downloads] 2) KataKlimt [Downloads] 3) Vivid Photo [Downloads] 4) zBoomMusic [Downloads] 5) zMoonCake [Downloads] 6) Deadstocker fashion [Downloads] 7) Wee Responsive [Downloads] 8) Verti [Downloads] 9) Obscura [Downloads] 10) Response [Downloads] 11)Zeni [Downloads] 12) Brownie [Downloads] 13) AccentBox [Downloads] 14) It Fits [Downloads] 15) Travel Store [Downloads] 16) Style Tile [Downloads] 17) Diggy

22 Web Design Resources Ready for Download

1) Salleedesign [View More] 2) Aaron Ovadia [View More] 3) Designmodo [View More] 4) Freebies Booth [View More] 5) One Extra Pixel [View More] 6) You The Designer [View More] 7) Freebiespress [View More] 8) Arbent [View More] 9) Design Kindle [View More] 10) Web Resource Depot [View More] 11) Web Tool Kit for Me