Yahoo Introduces Games for web, IOS and Android

Yahoo’s connection with online games has a classic history. There are a large collection of games unique to yahoo which users throng to enjoy online. Some examples are Yahoo Poker, Yahoo Bingo, Vegas World etc.

Yahoo has now ventured into more sophisticated and advanced game zone by Introducing the Yahoo Games Network. It is an effort to provide top notch gaming experience online which results in well planned acquisition strategy ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO since 2012. They acquired Player Scale an infrastructure development company which helps in high-end cross-platform gaming. They have also acquired Tumblr which would help in wider audience reach through blogs, Loki Studios which is a well known Location-aware gaming company and Cloud Party a major Virtual and multi-player gaming company.

Well known game developers like Namco Bandai America, SGN and Rumble Entertainment have associated with Yahoo on this gaming project with Yahoo to provide high-end networking features to the Gaming Network. Yahoo has also announced the revamping of its online Classic games which can be now played not just on Web, but also on your Android or IOS based devices.

Yahoo expects this new launch will attract more than 800 million users in which half of them are mobile device users. The services of the network include sharing the games via Social networks. The developer services are given more importance which includes:

• PlayerInsight which provides game usage and revenue statistics.
• Sitebox which allows creating Facebook apps with achievement and milestone tracking.
• SDK with client libraries for Android and iOS platforms

Jesper Jensen, Former CEO-PlayerScale the site has beautiful, elegant and easy-going design that plays seamlessly. Yahoo competes with Google which has already into this gaming network arena. Let the gaming fans enjoy the best products from this competition.