Motorola introduces its first Android wear device “MOTO 360”

Android has become the most preferred platform and is used on 80% of smart devices manufactured around the world. The new android wear platform introduced by Google has taken the wearable computing technology by storm. Motorola Company took no time to catch up with the trend and this summer they are introducing a precise and trendy smart watch Moto 360 based on this android wear platform.



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The Moto 360 other than being a fantastic time piece, give you alerts on important events twist of the wrist as per your preferences. The alerts can range from Meeting time and place, live scores of your favorite tournaments, play some hip-hop music etc.


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The round shaped watch also supports voice alerts to enable you express yourself in style. The unofficial information from insiders say the MOTO 360 features which Motorola has introduced includes several advance and trend-setting features like

  • Secret Battery-charging technology: Does not require an external charging outlet and has a smart “wireless magnetic induction charging”.
  • It could well use the AMOLED display just like its predecessor, the Moto X as power usage efficiency is one of its primary priorities.
  • Integrated with Google Now technology that would help in checking important live updates on weather, sport, flight details etc. in the comfort of your wrist


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The time has finally come to wear a smarter watch that can inform you on several things from alerting you on your calorie loss to important meeting updates. It’s time for Moto 360.

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