LG introduces G Watch Powered by Android wear

Android has become a common term these days and anybody can own an android smart phone given the budget and specifications of the phone. Owning a smart phone is no big deal in today’s world of touch era. Android has taken the world by storm be it taking crystal clear picture, video calling, Skype chat or asking for directions on the mobile. Earlier the world was far just by the click of a mouse but today it is nearer by the touch of a mobile screen. With the advent of technology anything ‘smart’ is appreciated worldwide.

The recent innovation is extending the android technology to wearable. Biggies like LG Electronics and Google are working to create the LG G watch powered by Android wear technology. Android wear technology is the operating system for wearable devices and watches. The LG G watch would be compatible with smart phones and one can have all the information in hand by simply saying “OK Google”. The voice search software gets the answers instantly using android wear. The idea is to get precise answers for queries in minimum time with minimum interaction. The basis for developing the G watch is the successful experience of previous collaborations between LG and Google in Nexus4, Nexus5, LG G pad and 8.3 Google play edition. The search giant’s software will sport a big role in getting data on weather, flight timings, time and distance traveled and in getting directions for reaching a landmark destination. Messages can be shown as flash messages and can be fully seen on tapping. Multiple messages can be stacked for future view and reading. Few applications in the smart watch lets one mark a webpage as a bookmark and ‘pocket’ an article from a friend to the computer for reading at a later time.

LG G watch can be expected to serve the genuine needs of people in a hurry. The smart watch can be expected to hit the market by the later half of 2014 and the hardware specifications would be released shortly.

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