Significance of Challenge coins

Challenge coins are medallions that bear the logo or the name of an organization. These coins are carried out to provide the members of an organization recognition and appreciation. The challenge coins are said to be presented to the officials to prove the association with the organization when challenged. It aids as devices that enhance self-esteem of the organization and helps in developing connections with other members in the group. Every coin has the name of the organization, or maybe an event or a mission etc inscribed on it. These coins aids as an icon of unity and also helps in reminding the people who were a part of the organization before.

As these coins are given out as a token of appreciation for the milestones achieved, they are designed according to the tenacity of the receiver. These coins are considered to be valuable possessions for office personnels and army officers. Most of the military and the police departments use these coins as precious achievements in their career. Nowadays, apart from military organizations; private and government institutions also consider challenge coins as a token of appreciation for the accomplishments for the members of the organization. The challenge coins come in all shapes, designs and sizes. Challenge coins provide intricate  and cherished memories for generations to come.

Corporate World

Custom challenge coins are playing an important part in the corporate world. The situations of giving and receiving the coins in the corporate organizations are unlike  the military situations from where the coins were originated. They are generally used to imply commitment and achievements. Realizing the trend of giving away challenge coins as a symbol of accountability; general interest organizations and  service clubs have implemented them as well, to honor those who have made certain accomplishments. The challenge coins are also used to build a sense of guild amid the team mates. Therefore; these coins are used to inspire team spirit within the members of a team in the organization.

Common Man

Challenge coins are used by common people also as acknowledgment to certain unexpected accomplishments in times of danger, such as in natural disasters, fire and at the time of war. These coins are also presented by the government to acknowledge these heroes for their special services rendered to the general public.

Schools and Institutions

There are also several educational institutions and schools that follow the tradition of presenting these coins as medallions for big accomplishments. The students are encouraged with cash awards with the number of coins they have received.

Retirement Gifts

These challenge coins are also given as retirement gifts to dedicated employees with the logo of the organization printed on these coins; as a mark of gratitude for the exceptional effort of the individual. These challenge coins are presented to only employees who have a high class record of performance for a long period of time.
The presenting of challenge coins is considered as an important ceremony that is celebrated as an occasion which creates an encouraging outlook to the current employees to offer better service to the company.