A fully functional computer keyboard made of LEGO – Something i would love to own

Tired of your regular black and white keyboard? We have something interesting for you! Although the present-day techies are more inclined towards touch-screens, one bold engineer has gone ahead, giving a new fangled look to a boring QWERTY keyboard.

Using Legoland as his inspiration, engineer Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has built a fully functional keyboard that allows a user to type 50-60 words per minute.

The idea of building a keyboard using lego blocks was conceived when Allemann was taking a leisure stroll. He spotted an old digital console lying on the side of the road. Examining the item, the innovative engineer gave the dead device a new lease of life. He upcycled the shabby console into a visually accurate and practical gadget, by using numerals, arrows and letters of lego blocks.

“The styling for the sides is a tribute to an old version of the Lego logo from the ’60s, which was red with the yellow, red, blue, white and black stripes at the bottom,” says the man who crafted the keyboard.

The keyboard has clever keys that form the centerpiece of the design. All the letters and symbols are from official Lego kits, without the use of labels or decals. Allemann has literally lego-stamped his clever keys. For instance, the caps lock key actually shows a cap and a lock, taken from Legoland’s minifigure series. A triangular roof tile represents the ‘home’ key.

Despite being made of toy parts, the keyboard is fully functional. Take a look at Allemann multi-colored lego keyboard below.

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