8 Android Phone that are anytime better deal than an 8GB iPhone 5C

Smart phones are the trendsetters of the new age millennia. They have become style icon and status symbol of people. Owning expensive phones is the order of the day. People are ready to spend a fortune on their phones to possess the most popular branded phone. Smart phones are worth the money spent as they have wide spectrum of usage. The most popular brand is the Apple iPhone, which is more expensive, compared to other smart phones of the same specifications and internal storage. When it comes to affordability, other brand smart phones are most preferred then Apple. Here is a short comparison between the smart phones:

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LG G2 model with 16GB and 32GB storage, 5.2 inch screen with a resolution of 1080pixels, and 13MP camera is priced at £299 to £340. When compared with iphone LG model has a higher resolution, screen size and a superior camera.



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Google’s Nexus 5 with 16 and 32 GB internal storage is priced the same as LG with a 5 inch display and Android version 4.4kitkat. It is not camera friendly and has a weak battery life.



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The next one to fall in line is Sony Xperia Z1 and Z1 compact priced at £399.99 and £386.99 respectively, with an internal storage of about 16GB. Z1 compact as the name suggests, is more compact and pocket friendly with a 4.3inch screen. Z2 supersedes the Z1 model which will be launched next month.



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Next is HTC one M7 priced at £364.99, with a metal back design and an internal storage of about 32GB. It also has a higher resolution with a larger screen.



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Moto X with 16GB internal storage, with special feature of touchless control is available at £306. The phone can be activated in the sleep mode and can show notifications when the display is turned off.



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The last but not the least to fall in line is Samsung Galaxy S4, with 5 inch screen, 1080p resolution and 13MP camera is priced at £318. Successor Galaxy S5 is coming shortly. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with internal storage of 32GB, 5.7 inch screen, 1080p resolution with stylus based functionality is available at £400 -£459.



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On the whole, these smart phones are available with higher features and at lesser rate compared to the iphone.