5 Tips for New Smartwatch users

Smartwatches are the newest trend in wearable technology. There are several brands available that feature different attributes, so you can find the best for your wants and needs. If you’ve recently joined the millions of Americans who own one, or if you’re thinking about it, make sure you follow these five tips for new smartwatch users. 

Save Your Battery


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Depending on the watch, you will likely have to charge your battery every night, but there are certain ways to extend how long its charge lasts. Most smartwatches can be set to only turn on when turning your wrist to look at it, instead of being on all the time. If your smartwatch connects to your phone, you can put it in airplane mode when your phone is off or not in range to keep it from constantly searching for a connection, which can drain the battery. 

Many people also forget they can just turn their watch off when they aren’t using it, which can dramatically increase the time between charges. One of the biggest frustrations of smartwatches is the need for frequent recharging, but if you watch out for battery drainers, yours can last for more than just one day. 

Learn About the Features 

Every brand of smartwatch comes with its own line of features. Before you buy a new smartwatch, figure out what features are most important to you, and then shop around. The Samsung Gear S2, for example, is focused on connectivity and being an extension of your smartphone. Others are more focused on exercise and health. Take the time to learn about your specific smartwatch to make sure you are taking advantage of everything it has to offer, since they’re not all the same.

Get the Right Apps

Although your smartwatch already has a lot of features built-in, you aren’t taking full advantage of it if you don’t add apps. If you need help keeping track of your day-to-day activities, Evernote is a popular app that is compatible with both your watch and your phone. You can also download several fitness apps to help track your calories and exercise. Another popular app is IFTTT, which stands for If This Then That, which allows for various interconnected scenarios between your devices and web-based events and conditions. 

Be Respectful

Being connected is a double-edged sword. When you have your emails, texts and calls available with a flick of your wrist, it’s easy to get distracted by your watch. While smartwatches are fun and useful, they can also keep you from full attention to your conversations or meetings. In some situations, you might want to turn off the notifications so you aren’t tempted to check your watch when you should be focused on something else. While it’s great to be connected, you don’t want to rude to your friends and co-workers in the process. 

Drive Safe

With the GPS on your smartwatch, you’ll never get lost again. Many watches come equipped with GPS, maps, and directions, but if yours doesn’t, there are plenty of apps you can download. Many watches will alert you when it’s time to turn. You can also answer phone calls when your watch is connected to your phone; however, in many states, it’s illegal to talk on a mobile device while driving for safety reasons.

If you do use the features that help you find your way, do be aware of your safety and that of others. Don’t do anything that would distract you from driving while using your watch.

Smartwatches are the latest buzz in the tech industry, and as they become more advanced, you will see more features. Take your time to pick the right watch, and once you do, make sure you understand all its capabilities. Although you want to make the most of your watch, also make sure it doesn’t come between you and your social life. 


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