25 Tutorials that will teach you build you first android app

Android apps are regarded as an extremely popular application that is commonly  used in Smartphones. These apps mainly help the people to keep themselves educated, and entertained. Because of the overall ability of the android application, it  seizes a lot of the consumer segment from different customers. Usually the consumers use the application to solve their boredom or any queries related to the identification of products, etc. As this is the age of Smartphones, several Android applications are developed to solve the problems of the consumers.These apps add several features to the mobile, and also helps in enhancing its utility.

Nowadays, these apps are being used for advertising, promotion and marketing purposes. The android games are the most popular app. Many students use these apps for educational purpose also. They are not only used as a source for entertainment and fun but also for career opportunities. Most of the mobiles are said to be incomplete without the android apps. Many applications are cost free, and for some a small amount needed to be paid. You can download anything that you feel fancy and attractive. With the help of the android app tutorials you can also know in detail how the app works, and its development process.

The Android app not only includes the applications that are required for the market, but it also includes the tools and the softwares which can be used for developing, debugging, testing, etc. The main highlight of these apps is that it can be tailored according to the type of the audience. Here are some interesting android app tutorials that will teach you to build your first Android app


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