25 Tutorials To Personalize Your Windows 8

25 Tutorials To Personalize Your Windows 8: Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Windows is a series of graphical interface operating system introduced by Microsoft technologies for using in laptops, desktops, mobile operators and more. Microsoft introduced windows for the first time in the year 1985. Since its first introduction, Microsoft windows has emerged different versions and windows 8 is the latest development of the operating system. Each version includes advanced features and windows 8 is no exception. Microsoft released windows 8 on October 26th, 2012. There are various significant changes and features that have been added in this operating system. As the world is moving towards touch technology, windows 8 is developed focusing on improved touch efficiency. Windows 8 is designed to enhance the touch experience while operating a system. Thus, it is best suited for touch screen mobile phones and tablets. This operating system has a touch friendly user interface and this feature is gaining huge recognition among users. Besides, there are other added features as well that enhance the usability of windows 8. Some of the popular benefits of windows 8 operating system are advanced format, near field communications, cloud computing and low-power ARM architecture and so on. To improve your knowledge and practice hands in using Windows 8 operating system for different work, here is a list of 25 Tutorials To Personalize Your Windows 8. Explore this gallery of 25 Tutorials To Personalize Your Windows 8 and enhance your knowledge and practice hands on using windows 8 operating system.


1) Customize live tiles in the Windows 8 Start Screen [Visit]


2) How to Change the Start Screen Background in Windows 8 [Visit]


3) How to Bypass Metro and Boot Directly to the Desktop Interface [Visit]


4) How to Customize the Windows 8 Start Screen [Visit]


5) How To Change Number of Rows in Windows 8 [Visit]


6) How To Change Color Schemes in Windows 8 [Visit]


7) How To Enable Aero Transparent Glass Taskbar in windows 8 [Visit]


8) How to Change  Title Size in Windows 8 [Visit]


9) How to Install Custom Icons in Windows 8 [Visit]


10) How To Add New Cursors in Windows 8 [Visit]


11) How to customize the lock screen apps in Windows 8 [Visit]


12) Customize Windows 8 Setup in Your Own Way [Visit]


13) Windows 8 Default Program Settings and Configuration [Visit]


14) Disable USB Storage Devices [Visit]


15) Schedule a Repeating Alarm [Visit]


16) Create a Virtual Hard Drive [Visit]


17) Remove Control Panel Items [Visit]


18) Displaying a Message on the Startup Screen via the Registry [Visit]


19) How To Turn Off App Notification on Windows 8 [Visit]


20) How To Remove Windows 8 Metro UI Completely [Visit]


21) Bring Back Windows 7 Start Menu to Windows 8 [Visit]


22) How to Enable Options to Customize Windows Logon, Logoff, Exit and Unlock Sounds in Windows 8 [Visit]


23) How to Access “Advanced Appearance Settings” Option and Change Font Size, Color in Windows 8 [Visit]


24) How to Add Program Shortcuts and Other Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Windows 8 Context Menu [Visit]


25) Customize Quick Access Toolbar In Windows 8 [Visit]


25 Tutorials To Personalize Your Windows 8