25 Tutorials to Personalize Your Android Phones

25 tutorials to Personalize your android phones: Since the first Android-powered phone got sold in 2008 – Android’s growth was phenomenal and exponential. Initially developed by Android Inc., with financing from Google, Android was later purchased by Google. Android was predominantly developed for smartphones and tablets with touchscreen capabilities. Android effortlessly surpassed its smart phone operating system predecessors like Symbian with around 75% market share. Undoubtedly Android is here to stay for the flexibility it offers.The popularity of Android is for the fact that it is an open source Linux-based platform and hackable; anybody who can tweak with the code can customize the operating system to their liking. Many developer communities exist for Android providing consistent source of rich applications to use. Besides being able to personalize through tweaking the code Android phones can also be personalized via customizing the interface with wallpapers and various widgets – this is an easy option to personalize Android phones apart from hacking the code per se. Android screens are typically populated with different apps and widgets; app icons on the screen connect to their corresponding apps and widgets provide updated content like news, feeds and mails. As on October 2012 it is reported that around 700,000 apps are available for Android – more being added. These vast numbers of apps, wallpapers, and widgets available from the developers’ communities provide a rich source to personalize Android phones. Today we present you with 25 tutorials to personalize your Android phones with which you can greatly enhance the look of your interface and enjoy using your Android devices.


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25 tutorials to Personalize your android phones

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