20 Secret Android Phone Tricks

20 secret android phone tricks: Android is a Linux-based OS (Operating System) and is currently the most widely used OS in smartphones and tablets. Since the launch of the first Android phone in October, 2008 the share of Android in the smartphone market grew leaps and bounds. As on October, 2012 it is estimated that Android occupies around 71% of the smartphone market share. Initially developed by Android Inc. with financial backing from Google, it was later purchased by Google. The popularity of Android platform is for the fact that the operating system is open-source and hackable – anybody who is good enough to tweak with the code could turn the Android OS to their liking. Alongside, Android has a diverse community of developers who continually pump-in various interesting and affordable apps into the market to use on your phone. The flexibility Android phones offer makes it something not to be missed. People without coding knowledge need not be disheartened; besides tweaking the code Android phones can also be customized through personalizing the user interface in different ways. You can play around with apps and widgets present on your screen, use different wallpapers, and experiment with various settings on your android phone. In this post we share with you 20 secret Android phone tricks which are sure to impress you. So go through these and apply these tricks to make your Android phone more attractive and easy to handle.


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20 secret android phone tricks