25 Interesting Social Media Infographics

25 interesting social media infographics: Social media is the heart of modern life. From having fun to sharing thoughts and from marketing spreading awareness, social media plays a major role. In fact, it is difficult to imagine people’s life without social media. Infographics is a way of showing the data in a clean and neat manner for the audience or stakeholder understands about the process. Infographic can be fun and realist and at the same time information if created in the correct manner. Here, is a display of few interesting social media infographics that will provide some better insights on the same. Social media as mentioned above is a major marketing tool. In today’s world from individual to multi-national company, everyone maintains a social media profile. Companies especially the ecommerce ones use extensive these platforms for marketing their brand and products. People join their page or community, like it or comment on it as per their response. In order to track the value added or traction derived by using social media, there are many online analytics tools that can be used. However, to present the report of the same, one needs social media infographics. One can prepare interesting infographics on social media and share the same with people. Besides, social media infographics can be used for building various other information sharing data and record. Explore this gallery of 25 interesting social media infographics and get an idea to create an interesting social media infographic towards building an amazing information sharing record.


1) The Social Sickness [Via]


2) Social Media Field Expands in 2012 [Visit]


3) 16 Social Media & Blogging Stats of 2012 [Via]


4) Infographic: Facebook Revenue 2012 Q3 [Via]


5) Teacher’s Guide to Social Media [Via]


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8) The Presidential Race on Twitter [Via]


9) Best Times to Tweet or Post on Facebook [Via]


10) Facebook 2012 [Via]


11) Facebook Psychology [Via]


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13) The SEO Value of a Google+ Profile [Via]


14) Twitter For Small Business [Via]


15) Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – How Social Networks Impact Our Lives [Via]


16) 13 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2013 [Via]


17) Social Media Recruiting [Via]


18) Stunning Statistics of Facebook Games [Via]


19) Social Media Demography-who Likes What [Via]


20) 2012 Was A Very Good Year For Social Giving [Via]


21) Out Sourcing Social Media [Via]


22) Moms And Social Media In 2012 [Via]


23) How to measure Facebook and Twitter [Via]


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25) Agents of Social Media [Via]


25 interesting social media infographics

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