25 Best Windows 8 Tutorials

25 Best Windows 8 Tutorials: Windows 8, the latest of Microsoft operating system versions since MS-Windows 95 has had mixed responses post-release. Nonetheless, Windows 8 is a unique OS (Operating System) with rich features. The development of Windows 8 was initiated even before the launch of Windows 7 and after a string of pre-release and developer editions Windows 8 was finally launched in the market for general availability on 26th October, 2012. Primarily designed keeping in view the expanding smartphone and tablet market, and to give a tough competition to the lion’s share of Android and Apple iOS in the smartphone and tablet market; Windows 8 is highly optimized for touchscreen functionality besides its use for laptops, desktops and home theater PCs. Windows 8 OS can be stated as a paradigm shift in terms of user interface and looks compared to its predecessors. Windows 8 OS comes with an appealing array of tiles on the home screen displaying all the available apps, connecting directly to corresponding applications from the screen. Despite the rich features offered in Windows 8 OS, it drew major criticism for the ‘steep learning curve’ involved to understand and adapt to the OS. It’s not an exaggeration that many Windows 8 users will feel it a little tricky to understand and adapt to the OS in the beginning. For the same reason we present you here with 25 best Windows 8 tutorials that will help you understand Windows 8 better and make your experience with it hassle-free!


1) How to access the Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 8 [Visit]


2) How to enable PIN sign-in for domain users in Windows 8 [Visit]


3) How to disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection [Visit]


4) How to create a bootable USB Flash Recovery Drive in Windows 8 [Visit]


5) How to open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 [Visit]


6) How To Disable Touchpad in Windows 8 [Visit]


7) How To Remove Write Protection From USB Drive In Windows 8 [Visit]


8) How To Replace System Files in Windows 8 [Visit]


9) How To Restore Windows 8 To Previous Configuration [Visit]


10) How To Find boot.ini in Windows 8 [Visit]


11) How to Configure Metered Connections in Windows 8 [Visit]


12) How to recover your personal files from the Windows.old folder in Windows 8 [Visit]


13) Speed Up Your Windows 8  Tutorial [Visit]


14) How to disable Aero Glass transparency in Windows 8 Taskbar [Visit]


15) How to create portable Windows 8 on USB drive with ‘Windows TO Go’ Feature [Visit]


16) How to increase the Windows 8 boot Speed, really fast [Visit]


17) How to Customize Windows 8 Boot Screen and Boot Menu [Visit]


18) Manage Stored Passwords in Windows 8 [Visit]


19) How to Backup Data with File History [Visit]


20) Windows 8 Tutorial to Boot it in Safe Mode [Visit]


21) How To Disable Data Execution Prevention in Windows 8 [Visit]


22) How To Use Bitlocker In Windows 8 [Visit]


23) How to Use Event Viewer to find Booting Time [Visit]


24) How To Configure Host file to block Any Website [Visit]


25) How To Set Up Dual Monitor In Windows 8 [Visit]


25 Best Windows 8 Tutorials