25 Basic Tutorials For Windows 8

25 Basic Tutorials for Windows 8:  the latest version of Microsoft’s series of operating systems is here finally – the research and development of Windows 8 in fact started even before the release of Windows 7. But after thorough testing and launch of three separate pre-release versions; it was eventually launched for general availability on October 26th, 2012. Windows 8 no doubt is rich with features and has been developed significantly keeping in view the ever expanding tablet market besides desktops, laptops and home theater PCs. Microsoft with its Windows 8 intends to give a tough competition to the Android and Apple’s iOS which already have a major share in the mobile operating systems market. Windows 8 operating system is significantly distinct from its predecessors in its overall look and features; with more emphasis given to ‘touch screen’ functionality. In a word this operating system is absolutely unique since Windows 95 – so much that the “start menu” which all of us know in the lower left corner does not exist in Windows 8. An appealing array of tiles displaying available apps and programs on the desktop is a marked feature of Windows 8. Given the uniqueness of features and layout, Windows 8 is sure to puzzle any new user and it definitely takes time to adapt to this operating system. Importantly the ‘steep learning curve’ involved with Windows 8 has been one of the major criticisms it faced after its release. Here we are presenting you with the sources to 25 basic tutorials available online to make your life easy with Windows 8


1) How to enable Hibernate mode in Windows 8 [Visit]


2) How to remove Login password [Visit]


3) Change Windows 8 Boot Timeout Before Default OS Runs Automatically [Visit]


4) How to resize, move, and create new App tile groups in Windows 8 [Visit]


5) How to uninstall an App in Windows 8 [Visit]


6) Adding and removing apps and programs from the Windows 8 Start Screen [Visit]


7) How to see hidden files in Windows 8 [Visit]


8) How to switch between tabs in the Internet Explorer start screen app [Visit]


9) How to disable the lock screen after waking in Windows 8 [Visit]


10) How To Add or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 8 [Visit]


11) How To Make all Users Visible in Windows 8 Login Screen [Visit]


12) How To Enable/Disable Fast Startup In Windows 8 [Visit]


13) Basic Mouse Control Operations to Launch Programs in Windows 8 [Visit]


14) Customize Windows 8 Drive Icons [Visit]


15) Create and Manage User Accounts in Windows 8 [Visit]


16) Different Ways to Return back to Windows 8 home screen [Visit]


17) Installation of Windows 8 on a new Partition [Visit]


18) Easy ways to Launch Windows 8 Control Panel [Visit]


19) Windows Media Center Installation guide Windows 8 [Visit]


20) How To  Run old Games and Software on Windows 8 [Visit]


21) Create Windows 8 User Account Without Email [Visit]


22) Change Windows 8 Local Account Password [Visit]


23) How To Reinstall Windows 8 Without the Disk [Visit]


24) How To Create a Fully Functional Recycle bin in Taskbar [Visit]


25) Make Internet Explorer 10 Faster In Windows 8 [Visit]


25 Basic Tutorials for Windows 8