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10 Useful Github Features You Need To Know

 1) Drag and Drop Gist Code 2) Creating a folder via the Web Interface 3) Using Git URL Shortener 4) File Finder 5) Using Github Emoji 6) Using Github Command Line Interface 7) Linking Lines 8) Task Checklist 9) Map, CSV and 3D Rendering 10) Get Octodex    

30+ Best Free Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates

1) Retro Free Consulting Template  [View Demo] 2) Hidayah Free Simple HTML Template   [View Demo] 3) vOne – Free Business HTML5 Responsive Website [View Demo] 4) Me Resume Personal Portfolio Responsive Template   [View Demo] 5) Nebula – Creative HTML Template   [View Demo] 6) Clean Blog  [View Demo] 7) Iddo Sports Category Flat Bootstrap Template   [View