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30 Free Android Video Editors To make Your Videos More Professional

Right editing is necessary to enhance the quality of your video,. Done professionally, it can given a new meaning and definition to the video. Moreover, you can download video editors for free to make your android videos appear professional. The foremost editor which with you can start this task is AndroVid Video Editor. This allows

40 Coolest Google Chrome Extensions You Must have

Bid goodbye to the boring, plain Google Chrome Tab and make them useful and interesting by adding some extensions to it. From task managers to daily background changers, Google offer a great choice in extensions. Personalisation is the new trend; who doesn’t love to have personalised things and it becomes more interesting when you have

10 Useful Github Features You Need To Know

 1) Drag and Drop Gist Code 2) Creating a folder via the Web Interface 3) Using Git URL Shortener 4) File Finder 5) Using Github Emoji 6) Using Github Command Line Interface 7) Linking Lines 8) Task Checklist 9) Map, CSV and 3D Rendering 10) Get Octodex