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10 Places Freelancer should Invest money on

Every business needs an amount of investment in order to usher as successful and to earn revenues. Without investment you cannot expect success to shower on your lap. However this doesn’t signify that just investment will bring you success. Investing money is just a part of business that every business holders need to participate in

10 Simple ways to reach deadline on time

Deadline is something that always reminds everyone of tension, pressure and stress. Employee doesn’t like the hard and fast rule of deadline but the bitter truth is that no one can ignore it. To manage a work, deadline is important because without it a work will never be completed within a certain time. As one

10 Proven Ways to get your first client

Freelancing is one of the most in vogue professions that is adopted by people for both short term and long term career. It is useful as a part time earning as well as a full time career. Freelancing has moved much beyond just working from home and has emerged as a new faculty of profession

20 Points that will make Freelancers win any work

Freelancing is one of the most in vogue profession in the present day world. Freelancers are those who work from their own comfort zone without coming into any longer bonds with a client or a company. Beholding advantages like flexibility of working hours and working space, freelancing is now days adapted by many people. However,

18 Simple Ways that will always get you more customers

18 Simple Ways that will always get you more customers Business goes hand in hand with client and customers’ relationship. The main idea of every business is to get customers and customers and more customers. You start a small business, the first question arise how to get customers, you gain few customers and the question