Create An Amazing Blackberry AD

Lets create an amazing Blackberry phone advertizement with some simple photoshop tools.

We are going to create this.



Power up your photoshop and open a new document (CTRL+N), size of your choice. I chose a document of 1000 x 1000 px, its always good to start with large you can resize it later. Now we will add a radial gradient to the background of color #330033 and #000000, let black reside on the edges. Check out the images if you find it hard.


Color for Radial gradient (Background)

Okay now that you have added gradient to your background, load up your blackberry image I got this one from!


Now time for some text. Lets add some text that we are goin to wrap around the phone, I have typed some random text!


adding random text



Select the text layer and go to filter>distort>wave and enter these settings


Settings for Filter > Distort > Wave



After adding the wave filter to our text now we will position it on our Blackberry image and we will hide the text overlapping the phone and that we will do it by adding layer mask. Check out the image below for your reference.


adding layer mask to text


Here you can see how I have masked the overlapping text to make it look like its wrapped.


Now add the text layer in a folder and name it “text” then right-click on the text layer and go on blending options and use the settings shown in image below.

(Its always better to group layers in folders to make it easy for us to work)


adding a folder and blending options for text


Now that  you have added the outer glow blending options to our text you will now have to add one more layer below blackberry phone image and  click on brush and reduce it to 4px and hardness to 100 percent!

Now quickly grab a pen tool and add few paths to your new layer and right click and select stroke path and keep the stimulate pressure checked and create strokes.

Check images below for reference.

example just to create paths

example just to create paths

adding some random strokes

adding some random strokes


Right click on the stroke layer and select blending options, add outer glow with the following settings.

blending options for strokes layer

blending options for strokes layer


Lets add some reflection to our blackberry. So yeah duplicate the layer and add layer mask now add linear gradient (black to white) to the mask and change the layer opacity to 30%.  here is how it looks!

Adding reflection to our Blackberry

Adding reflection to our Blackberry


Now lets add some objects,  I have taken these following images from

1) plane

2) Baloon

You can take any image you like. Now i have cropped these images and placed them here


cropped and added objects


Last and final step, create a layer below the strokes layer and select a brush of  large size (80 px) and hardness to zero and paint on the edges of strokes with white. Make sure that this layer is below strokes layer.

Add one more layer below it and select a lasso tool of feather 25px and draw a patch across the phone and render clouds and set its blending option to color dodge!

I have added some text below. Here is our final result


Final Preview

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