Create a Splashy Juice Ad In Photoshop!

Hello peeps! Using photoshop we can easily change the shape of any object, you can make a square fruit or a square animal or anything. Use your creativity to make it the best. After hours of  hard work I have managed to create a tutorial to show you how to make a very cool juice ad.

In this tutorial we will learn how to change the shape of strawberry to tetra pack, then add details to it and lastly add some water splashes and make a really cool Juice ad! I have gone in to details of this project, if you yet find any step difficult to understand then leave a comment and ill get back to you soon!

I have used few stock images.

So yeah first let us see what we are going to create!



Power up your photoshop and create a new document of 1000px 1000px at 300 dpi.




Now we will start with converting the strawberry to a tetra pack, I used a strawberry picture from here. Once you selected the strawberry you will have to extract the strawberry, extraction can be done in many ways but I took a pen tool and went along the edges of the strawberry skin leaving the leaves then pasted it to our document.



Once you right click and make a selection you will see marching ants on the path, then right click and copy and paste it to your new document you created!





Paste the selection of strawberry to your new document, my selection looks like this.

(You can use any fruit or any other strawberry it doesn’t matter)



Now we will be creating guides to shape up our strawberry, for this make a new layer on top of strawberry and then using line tool and make sure the color is something very different from strawberry. I chose this color and made random lines to create a tetra pack shape. Shape can be anything doesn’t need to be really perfect at first shot, just visualize and draw a shape. Guides are just for reference we will delete it later!

My shape looks like this



After creating the guides we will go to Filter > Liquify and shape up the strawberry close to our guides using the forward wrap tool in liquify settings. Here is how we liquify


We should chose the guides backdrop to liquify the strawberry, you can change the opacity for guides. Here is how we gonna do it!


I have named the guides layer as “guides” which becomes easy for me to select the backdrop layer. Check the “Show Backdrop” and use “guides” layer and opacity of your choice then using the forward wrap tool begin to liquify. Vary brush size acc0rdingly!


Zoom in using the zoom tool and very slowly push the strawberry skin within the guides.


After liquify my strawberry has taken the shape of the tetra pack, this is how it looks like! Don’t worry we haven’t created the top part yet!


To create the top part simply cut out a part of the strawberry from the stock. I used a pen tool again and made a selection!




After pasting the selection to our document we will distort this image to fit on top of the tetra pack, then we will erase or liquify the edges to blunt out the sharp corners. Here is how we do it!



Check out this image to know how to distort.





After distort grab a paint brush and use a highlight of the strawberry that is pink and run along the edges of the tetra pack. Make sure you use brush in a new layer, once you have painted the edges use eraser tool to erase out wherever necessary. Make sure it looks like edge shine, you can also reduce the opacity if you wish. My brush edges look like this!



After erasing my edges look like this. Group the edge and strawberry layers to one!





Now we haver our tetra pack ready! We will go ahead and create the background. I used this color #76a33a for the background, after applying that color for the background we will create the sunburst for this create a new layer just above the background and below the strawberry group then create a shape like this!



The color used for the shape is #668d34. I have used rulers to get the length of the shape, Once you managed to create this shape using pen tool go ahead and duplicate it shift the axis point of the shape to bottom center and change the angle of the duplicate shape to 10 degrees. Here is how you change the angle of the shape.

First duplicate layer



Hit Ctrl+T (Transform) and shift axis point from center to bottom center.



Change the angle of the duplicate shape to 10 degrees.


Now here comes the magic. Select the duplicate layer and keep pressing SHIFT+ALT+CRTL+T till you get the sunburst!

Here is my sunburst!




After creating the sunburst, position the sunburst where you want it and then using a big soft brush erase the sunburst from bottom like this




Now time for some splatters, you should manage to get good water splash images! Here are my two water splash images.

[1]      [2]

Extraction of water!

First: Go to channels and find one with maximum contrast, then duplicate it

Second: Duplicate the channel and go to Image > Adjustment > Curves and use the settings below.

Third: Hold Ctrl and Click on the duplicate channel and select back the RGB channel and switch off the duplicate channel and copy the layer and paste it to your document.



Once you extracted the water splash paste it to your new document.


Place the splash layer on your document and holding ALT click on the adjustments layer and make some Hue/Saturation adjustment. You can duplicate the image several times and use the splatters where ever you want.

Hue/Saturation Adjustment




Use same settings for the splashes or play with the adjustment layer till you feel its right, now we will duplicate this layer and cut the bottom splash and transform wrap it to the shape of the strawberry tetra pack.

Transform wrap




I have duplicated the layer several times and added motion blur at some parts, I will show the parts where we should add motion blur!

Filter > Blur > Motion Blur




Explaining splashes!


1) I have pasted splashes below the strawberry group so that it looks like the splashes are behind the tetra pack. Use Wrap tool and pull the splashes where ever you want keeping the tetra pack in mind, visualize and pull the splashes!

2) Cut some splashes and transform it and wrap it again and make it in perspective with the tetra pack let the splatters fly everywhere!

3) Cut more splashes and make it look its coming from inside of the lower splash and erase other parts which are not necessary.

4) This part you can add motion blur, select this part with the lasso tool and add very little motion blur to it. I have also added strawberry leaves on top of the tetra pack and a logo too.

Now add some 3d text from xara 3d and place it on top. add small strawberries with water.

To learn how to create 3d typo from xara 3d and style it in photoshop then view my other tutorial Click Here


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