Animal Skin Swap Tutorial In Photoshop

In this tutorial we are gonna swap the skin of a zebra onto a rhino, swapping is really a cool trick and I will show you in detail with simple steps how to swap a skin.

First lets see our final preview




First we will need a picture of a zebra and a rhino each. I got this picture of rhino from here and zebra from here. To start i will copy the zebra and paste it over the rhino and transform it to fit over our rhino.

We will flip our zebra and then transform it to fit on rhino, to make sure we are doing it right we will reduce the opacity of zebra.

Transform > Flip Horizontal



Reduce opacity of zebra!




Now we will liquify the Zebra to fit on the Rhino’s shape perfectly. We will use the Rhino for backdrop and using the forward wrap tool we will pull out the skin to fit with the Rhino’s skin. Change the opacity if necessary.




After liquify my Zebra looks like this. We will set the blend mode to multiply.



Set Blend mode to Multiply




Now we will add a layer mask to the Zebra and using a soft brush with the foreground set to black we will paint all that is not necessary.



Using soft brush erase the background of zebra layer!




We will ad the skin to the legs and head etc, for this we will use the clone stamp tool and clone the areas to fit.


1] For the head we will erase away the part and clone a new part on top of it from the body

2] For the front legs lets create a new layer and cut the front leg of the zebra repeat steps 1 to 4.

3] Clone stamp the inner leg a little and let the shading stay

Here is our final preview



Use different animals and start swapping.

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