50 Fresh photoshop tutorials for Photo effects

Photoshop Tutorials:  Photoshop is the popular photo editing tool used widely by designers, developers and photographers. Photoshop is popularly used for both professional and general usage. Photoshop allows one to enhance the effect of a photograph by adding various photo effects. One can enhance the quality of the photo, make it invert, make it hazy, clear and so on using various types of Photoshop tools. In that case, Photoshop works best for photographers in adding the perfect touch to photographs. Besides, Photoshop allows designers to play around with their creativity using Photoshop tools. From website design to logo design, Photoshop plays an important role in every design work. By using Photoshop, designers can give various types of photo effects to a particular photograph. Designers can manipulate photographs towards demonstrating a unique vision by using Photoshop. Photo manipulation is one of the most striking benefits of photo effects through Photoshop. Examples of best use of photo effects through Photoshop can be of futuristic and post-modern photographs and designs that involve huge amount of tricky photo manipulation. Thus, host of photo manipulation activities come along with Photoshop. However, one needs to both knowledge and experience in order to master the Photoshop tool. Using Photoshop can be challenging for beginners. One can go through fresh Photoshop tutorials available online for both beginners and existing users and grab learning online. Here are handpicked Photoshop tutorials for photo effects. Explore this gallery and enjoy valuable Photoshop learning.


1) Create a Horror Movie Themed Photo Composition in Photoshop [Tutorial]


2) Manipulate Light Effect for your House [Tutorial]


3) The Dark Knight Rises Poster Manipulation [Tutorial]


4) Create Beautiful Sunrise Landscape Matte Painting in Photoshop [Tutorial]


5) Turning Yourself into a Zombie for Holloween [Tutorial]


6) Abstract Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS 6 [Tutorial]


7) Advanced photo compositing techniques [Tutorial]


8) Photo Manipulate an Ominous Poster Design [Tutorial]


9) Create a Surreal Burning Tree Scene with Falling Particle Effect in Photoshop [Tutorial]


10) Design a Rusted Metal Face Manipulation with Abstract Falling Lines in Photoshop [Tutorial]


11) How to Create Honey and Turn Everything into Chocolate [Tutorial]


12) Create a Dark Fantasy Manipulation of a Broken Girl [Tutorial]


13) Underwater abstract art in Photoshop [Tutorial]


14) Artistic photo manipulation of a girl in a red field [Tutorial]


15) Turn a regular head shot into a cold winter portrait [Tutorial]


16) Create this eerie abstract photo manipulation [Tutorial]


17) Create a Retro-Futuristic Space Poster in Photoshop [Tutorial]


18) Create a Dark, Atmospheric Photo Manipulation [Tutorial]


19) Design an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement [Tutorial]


20) Mysterious photo manipulation [Tutorial]


21) Christmas Night-Magic scene with flying Santa [Tutorial]


22) Create a Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop [Tutorial]


23) Dark Magical Scene with Nebula Effect in Photoshop [Tutorial]


24) Lady Swimming in the Sea [Tutorial]


25) Take My Soul Away Photo manipulation [Tutorial]


26) Photo Manipulate an Eye Catching Poster Design for Earth Hour [Tutorial]


27) Create a post apocalyptic scene in Photoshop [Download]


28) We Bring The Peace Manipulation [Tutorial]


29) Create an Emotional Post War Scene [Tutorial]


30) Create A Warm and Serene Portrait [Tutorial]


31) Creating a Professional Cartoon Effect from a Real Photograph [Tutorial]


32) Create dynamic art using glows and lighting effects [Tutorial]


33) Create a deep-sea feel using blending modes [Tutorial]


34) Design a highbrow horror movie poster [Tutorial]


35) Fascinating Watercolor Effect In Photoshop [Tutorial]


36) Create James Cameron’s AVATAR Movie Poster in Photoshop [Tutorial]


37) Professional window manipulation [Tutorial]


38) Hell Rider Photo Manipulation [Tutorial]


39) I Want You Back Photo Manipulation [Tutorial]


40) Awesome Floating Face Manipulation with Fiery Hair in Photoshop [Tutorial]


41) One Moment Photo Manipulation [Tutorial]


42) How to Create a red riding hood Artwork in Photoshop [Tutorial]


43) Create a Surreal Urban City Montage with Lightning Effect in Photoshop [Tutorial]


44) Design a Unique Wooden Face with Fiery Eye and Tear in Photoshop [Tutorial]


45) Trip Home Summer Scene Manipulation [Tutorial]


46) Design a Natural Abstract Photo Manipulation in Photoshop [Tutorial]


47) Design Surreal Concept Manipulation with Alien Structures in Photoshop [Tutorial]


48) Don’t Leave Me Photoshop [Tutorial]


49) Design an Abstract Style Sword Warrior with Fiery Effect in Photoshop [Tutorial]


50) On My Road Surreal Photo Manipulation [Tutorial]


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