50 Exciting Photoshop tutorials to Learn in 2015

To enhance your Adobe Photoshop skills, start searching for new tutorials that teach advanced techniques and help you improve yourself according to the latest industry standards. Find out some of the exciting new Photoshop Tutorials worth learning.

You can start exploring various Photoshop tutorials to learn the best among them. You can start with creating unique hair style using leaves textures. It is designed using the combination of several stock images, various custom brushes and applying the filters and layer blending modes.

Another tutorial could be on creating dramatic light to picture manipulations. This tutorial will include sessions on explaining the challenges of blending various fabric. One of the popular Photoshop tutorials that one must learn include converting a stock photo into an airbrushed and stencilled illustration, basically changing it into a
sketch. This uses custom shape tools, gradients and nose effects.

Are you also a fan of Cleopatra’s beauty? Create your own Cleopatra mummy on Photoshop with a tutorial on digital painting. It uses a lot of adjustment layers to give the haunting effect and needs tedious experimentation with tools.

Use Adobe Photoshop to create a strikingly beautiful mermaid using several blending and layer techniques. Underwater backgrounds are used for photo manipulation to create an attractive artwork.

You can attend another Photoshop Tutorial on creating a sci-fi Robot Cyborg. It includes using the movie heritage of the cyborg along with look of modern Robot from the recent TV sci-fi series such as The Event. It also uses stock pictures with adjustment layers to come up with the desired result.

Scare your roommate by creating a Halloween Night Witch Photoshop and then getting a poster of it printed to be pasted on the ceiling in the middle of night. For the tutorial of creating this design, you need to learn how to expertise on photo manipulation of dark landscape, bats, images of shadows and a frightening witch.

Then you can try your hand at learning the creation of a digital handicraft collage that uses scanned pieces, drawn elements and shapes. Keep your pictures ready to create a remarkable digital art piece and gift it to your little sister on her birthday!

1) Create Unique Hair Style with Leaves Textures in Photoshop Tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


2) Transform a Stock Photo Into an Airbrushed and Stenciled Illustration in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


3) How to Create Dramatic Light in Your Fantasy Photo Manipulation [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


4) Create a Hauntingly Beautiful Cleopatra Mummy in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


5) Create a Deer Abstraction with Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


6) Create An Underwater Beauty In Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


7) Create Zombie Dragon Concept Art: Painting in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


8) How to Create a Realistic Killing Scene in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


9) Create a Sci-fi Robot Cyborg in Photoshop Tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


10) Create an Emotional Moonlight Scene in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


11) Create Halloween Night Witch Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


12) How to Create an Exploding Planet in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


13) Create a Skull Out of Type in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


14) How to Create This Fairy Tale Manipulations in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


15) Create a Digital Handicraft Collage in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


16) Create Creepy Skull Halloween with the Pumpkin Brains Effect in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


17) Create a Digital Painting of a Zombie From Scratch in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


18) How to Dran a Halloween Pumpkin in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


19) Create the Dragan photo effect in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


20) Create a Spooky Cottage in the Wooods in Adobe Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


21) How to Create Fake X-ray Effects in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


22) Create an Hourglass Realistic Artwork in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


23) Create Powerful Lighting Effects with Clouds and Lightning in Photoshop tutorial [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


24) Create Christmas Dream Tree with Big Curly Cloud in Photoshop [ Link ] [ Tutorial Link ]


25) Create a Funny Surreal Underground Scene With Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


26) Quick Tip: Expanding on the Style Inspired Double Exposure Effect [ Tutorial Link ]


27) New Course: Creating and Applying Textures to Illustrations in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


28) How to Create a Bronze Beveled Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


29) Digital Painting 101: Thumbnail Drawing for Beginners [ Tutorial Link ]


30) Digital Painting 101: 4 Things You Should Know Before You Start [ Tutorial Link ]


31) How to Speed Up Your Adobe Photoshop Workflow With Custom Built Actions [ Tutorial Link ]


32) Design an App Landing Page in Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


33) Digital Painting 101: The Pros and Cons of Painting in Grayscale [ Tutorial Link ]


34) Create a 3D Mosaic Cork Text Effect With Filter Forge and Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


35) To the Point: An Interview With Dan LuVisi [ Tutorial Link ]


36) Free Alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud [ Tutorial Link ]


37) Paint Realistic Long Fur Without a Fur Brush in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


38) Create a Taylor Swift “Style” Inspired Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


39) Create an Isometric Pixel Art Coffee Shop in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


40) Learn How to Paint a Realistic Nose in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


41) 10 Basic Mistakes in Digital Painting and How to Fix Them [ Tutorial Link ]


42) Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, April Round [ Tutorial Link ]


43) Harness the Elements: Paint Earth in All Its Forms [ Tutorial Link ]


44) Create a Detailed Flour Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


45) New Course: Creative Lighting Effects in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


46) How to Create a Glowing Metal Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


47) 6 Easy Tips for Making Realistic Digital Paintings [ Tutorial Link ]


48) How to Create and Use Luminosity Masks in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


49) Learn to Design Animal Characters in Our New Course [ Tutorial Link ]


50) How to Paint a Spring Lady Floral Portrait in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]


51) Make a Trendy Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop [ Tutorial Link ]



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