40 Tutorials that will make you a Logo designer

Logo is one of the most important necessities of every business. It is the face of a business that stands as the brand emblem throughout its existence. Logos are at times completely graphic while at other times composed of name of the business. Many a times, logo consist both graphics and name of business. Logo design is a major part of graphic design and with the increase of business competition and brand importance, the demand for logo designer too has been increasing by the day. Besides having good knowledge about graphic design, a logo designer needs to be creative in mind and clever with colors. Ranging from color and saturation to color combinations and font usage, a logo designer needs to be a perfectionist in all these fields. A logo designer needs to understand that a logo is the face of a business and therefore it needs to be catchy and should be capable of reflecting the entire business. Also a logo designer should be able to design a logo that connects with the business. A logo needs to complement a business and should enhance its brand and the same should be the aim of a logo designer. There are many websites that provide tutorials on logo designing. Here is a gallery of handpicked tutorials on logo designing that will help you in understanding the tips and needs required for logo designing. Explore this gallery of 50 Tutorials that will make you a Logo designer and grab a valuable learning.

1) Learn how to create a Futuristic Logo in photoshop [Tutorial]



2) Create an Origami Logo [Tutorial]



3) Umbrella Corporation logo [Tutorial]



4) Photoshop Logo Jelly Remake [Tutorial]



5) Create a Realistic 3D Sphere Logo from Scratch Using CorelDraw [Tutorial]



6) Aluminum and Glass Styled Vector Emblem [Tutorial]



7) Create 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator [Tutorial]


8) Illustrator CS6 Logo Design Tutorial – Archfold [Tutorial]


9) vector logo design illustrator tutorials [Tutorial]


10) Pro logo design tutorial using illustrator cs5 ,4 [Tutorial]


11) How to create a cool logo! [Tutorial]


12) 3D Logo Design Tutorial In Adobe Illustrator [Tutorial]


13) Adobe Illustrator 3D logo [Tutorial]


14) How to Create 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial [Tutorial]


15) Designing a Simple Logo in Adobe Illustrator [Tutorial]


16) How to create a logo [Tutorial]


17) Photoshop Logo Tutorial: Music Related Logo Design [Tutorial]


18) Photoshop Logo Tutorial: Clean Professional Logo Design [Tutorial]


19) Adobe Illustrator CS5 Logo Design Tutorial [Tutorial]


20) Company logo design tutorial (Illustrator CS5) [Tutorial]


21) Professional vector logo design illustrator tutorial [Tutorial]


22) logo design tutorial with new feature of Illustrator CS6 [Tutorial]

23) Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Professional Logo Design [Tutorial]


24) How to Design logo in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial [Tutorial]


25) Design beautiful logo Illustrator Tutorial [Tutorial]


26) Design 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator [Tutorial]


27) Make a cool logo icon using rotate tool [Tutorial]


28) Adobe Illustrator Tutorial How to design logo [Tutorial]


29) Quantumus Vector Tutorial (illustrator) [Tutorial]


30) 3D arrows logo adobe illustrator tutorial [Tutorial]


31) Logo Design – Project Runway (Seth Aaron) [Tutorial]


32) logo design Gradients [Tutorial]


33) Cross Circle Logo illustrator Tutorial [Tutorial]


34) Photoshop CS5: Glossy Blue Logo Tutorial [Tutorial]


35) Photoshop CS6 Clean Professional Logo Tutorial [Tutorial]


36) Create a Vibrant Color Ring  [Tutorial]


37) How to Create 3D Logo in Adobe Illustrator [Tutorial]


38) logo design in Illustrator Tutorial [Tutorial]


39) How to Design a Logo using Adobe Illustrator -[Tutorial]


40) logo design illustrator tutorial Simple [Tutorial]


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