40 Tutorials that will make you an interface designer

Interface design is a method that connects more than one module and helps in communication. And interface designer is who develops such a design. These modules can be applicable to hardware, software or the interface between user and machine. The cockpit of an aircraft is one of the best examples of interface design from the real life scenario. Interface design is a necessity for every company of today’s world. Not just software companies but any company that deals with technology is impacted by interface design. Today’s is the world of computers and therefore interface design cannot be avoided. The growing demand for interface design has increased the demand for good interface designers as well by the day. Not every professional can be expected to understand technology as the developers do but they have their own specialization in work which developers might not be able to grab. Here enters an interface design. The interface designer develops a user interface design that allows the other professionals to perform their work without entering in the complexities of technology. Thus, interface design is a method of communication and connection. Now days, there are various courses available on interface designing both online and offline. Many websites provide tutorials on interface designing. Here is a gallery of handpicked tutorials that will help you grab the knowledge required to become a successful interface designer. Explore these 40 tutorials that will make you an interface designer and enjoy!

1) Create a Promotional iPhone App Site in Photoshop [Tutorial]



2)Designing Cool Interface for Magazine Portal [Tutorial]


3) Beautiful Music Streaming Website Design in Photoshop [Tutorial]


4) Create a Grungy, Translucent Web Portfolio Design [Tutorial]


5) Create a One-Page Retro Web Design Layout in Photoshop [Tutorial]



6) Design an amazing 3d hosting layout [Tutorial]


7) Create a Clean Twitter App Interface in Photoshop [Tutorial]



8) Create a Fabric Textured Web Layout Using Photoshop [Tutorial]


9) Create a Mobile Task Manager App in Photoshop [Tutorial]


10) Create a Detailed Web User Interface for an Audio-Themed Application [Tutorial]


11) Create a Detailed User Interface for an iPad Application [Tutorial]



12) Design a creative wordpress theme [Tutorial]



13) Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout [Tutorial]


14) How to Make a Highly-Textured Site Layout in Photoshop [Tutorial]



15) Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop [Tutorial]


16) How to Make a Creative Blog Layout [Tutorial]


17) How to Create a Unique Colorful Site Layout [Tutorial]



18) How to Create a Grunge Web Design in Photoshop [Tutorial]


19) Create a Magic Night Themed Web Design from Scratch in Photoshop [Tutorial]


20) Design a Cartoon Grunge Web Site Layout [Tutorial]



21) Modern and Colorful web layout [Tutorial]


22) Photographer portfolio layout [Tutorial]


23) Design Lab TV Styled Layout [Tutorial]


24) Creating a tech blog layout in Adobe Photoshop [Tutorial]



25) Create a Sleek and Textured Web Layout [Tutorial]


26) Portfolio Gallery Layout [Tutorial]



27) Corporate WordPress Style Layout [Tutorial]


28) Black Website Design [Tutorial]



29) Create a Charity Website Layout in Photoshop [Tutorial]



30) Web Design Professional Layout Tutorial [Tutorial]



31) How to design a chatroom iPhone UI [Tutorial]



32) Create a Mobile Calendar App in Photoshop [Tutorial]


33) Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch [Tutorial]


34) Design a creative unusual layout [Tutorial]



35) Create a clean PSD layout with a 3D look [Tutorial]



36) Design a clear website layout in Photoshop [Tutorial]



37) Design a realistic website layout in photoshop [Tutorial]



38) Web Site Design Tutorial: Case [Tutorial]



39) Clean Photo Gallery Website Layout [Tutorial]



40) Photography portfolio [Tutorial]











































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