35 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

35 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials Photoshop manipulation is something we all enjoy, I just love these photo manipulation tutorials as it makes me wanna print these photos on book covers album covers etc. I have always followed these tutorials to make my personal photos look extraordinary. These tutorials might seem so silly but they have amazing effect on pictures if you try them carefully on your photos. Photoshop is a very complex software and most of the people online on our blog would like to try experimenting on photoshop on regular basis. This is a very good practice to learn photoshop and it would make you perfect in few days. We have also published a post on restoring old and damaged photos and it is also something that i love to do it to my grandparents pictures. I have tried services online to restore my old pictures but they are very expensive.Go ahead and enjoy


1. Photo manipulation of a whale stealing from a seagull














2. Use a 3d model to create a dramatic scene














3. Create a grungy skateboard photo montage poster














4. Learn how to create a dynamic butterfly inspired photo manipulation














5. Design a scenic out of frame photo manipulation













6. Create a surreal arctic scene in photoshop














7. How to create a surreal traveling  house photo














8. Create a surreal turtle image














9. Dramatic Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial














10. Breathtaking underwater apartment photo manipulation














11. Design a spectral photo-majpulation












12. Blissful landscape of photo manipulation













13. Design a stylish poster mixed with displacement effect














14. Creating A Dream Land













15. Create a glamour scene in photoshop













16. Water color Paining














17. How to create a Traditional Chinese ink














18. Creating a touching story scene











19. Enhance your Ad Designs













20. Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop












21. Streams of dusty light photoshop tutorial













22. Displacement water tutorial














23. End of the world Photo Manipulation














24. How to Design a Dramatic winged Dragon














25. Create a Kick-Ass Martial arts scene










26. Storm effect














27. Making of color combustion photo









28. Create a Dramatic Fisheye spartian scene













29. Create a parrot photo manipulation in photoshop














30. Create a Beautiful River Scenery














31.  Army Squirrel Photo Manipulation













32. Photo Manipulate an  artistic cloud scape scene














33. Create a Powerful Mental wave Explosion Effect














34. Making of Mythical Encounter














35. Create a Japanese Village Photo











35 Amazing Photo Manipulation Tutorials

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