20 High quality photoshop tutorials in 2014

The application of Photoshop has widened the imagination horizon of the photographers and designers. They create  a fantasy world with Photoshop.  Their creations from scratches open the gallery of artistic perfection mixed with fun and imagination.  It helps to bring out the  intricacy of their artistic mind. You can only wonder, seeing the surreal world created by the designers using the Photoshop.

Photoshop is capable to give your photos a new look. Digitally it alters the photos. It has become a common practice to apply the technique to give more grace to the photos. The ad firms  make use of the feasibility of  it by giving touches to their models in order to enhance their beauty.

Photoshop is not limited to the beautification of models’ photos. It has become part and parcel of web and blog site designing.  If you have the imaginative power, you can make your sites simple, unique, but elegant and charming with Photoshop designing.

Print media make use of the infinite possibility of Photoshop in enhancing the image of their magazine pages. Whether it is newspaper or novels or film magazines, when  Photoshop is applied, its pages assume a new attractive look which helps the readers to renew their relation with the publication.

You must have an artistic mind and the skill to acquire the techniques of Photoshop.  If you have the patience and the will, it is very easy to acquaint with its technique online where you get standard tutorials.

The twenty captions cited below are part of a tutorial released by the famous graphic designer Dibakar Jana, from Kolkata.  The tutorials are issued in such a way that any person having  basic knowledge in design can follow easily.

1) The furry Cartoon character that came through Photoshop. [ Download ]



2) The lovely shiny finish of a table top, wine glass and a bottle. [ Download ]



3) Somewhere in the universe. [ Download ]



4) A beautiful collage that provides the exciting sight of a night. [ Download ]



5) The amazing image of UI sliders [ Download ]



6)  The elegant combination of 3D design and photoshop. [ Download ]



7) A Christmas card that generated out of digital illustration and digital painting technique. [ Download ]



8)  The elegant photoshop design of a  web application website [ Download ]



9)  All about web design with photoshop. [ Download ]



10)  The charm of a blog website created  using photoshop. [ Download ]



11) The dynamic lighting effect when photoshop is applied. [ Download ]



12)  The photoshop design technique of a calendar. [ Download ]



13)  The infinite feasibility of photoshop for creating imaginary scenes  from scratch. [ Download ]



14)  Portfolio design made easy with photoshop. [ Download ]



15)  An  MP3 player skin coming into being. [ Download ]



16) The photoshop craftsmanship in creating wooden 3D text. [ Download ]



17) The Denim Text effect provided by photoshop. [ Download ]



18)  The  Demon from fire- the photoshop fantasy scene. [ Download ]



19)  The photoshop presentation of a surreal world of life. [ Download ]



20)  The display of 3D graphics sports centre in photoshop. [ Download ]