25 Best Mobile Layout Design PSD Templates

25 best mobile layout design PSD templates: PSDs or Photo Shop Documents as we know are files created through Adobe Photoshop which are rich in design and graphics. A PSD file has diverse applications important of them being their use in mobiles and websites as templates. PSD files make it easy for the end-user to tweak with the design of a template and personalize the look of his website or mobile template. Initially before PSDs were popular, graphic designing for websites was mostly done through HTML and it was quite laborious to tweak the HTML coded design. But with PSDs the personalization of design or layout is easy and what used to take literally hours through HTML now with PSDs it’s a matter of minutes to personalize a design. This is for the simple fact that PSD files are layered with graphic files and templates thus making it easier for a designer to slice through already existing graphic files. Numerous creative designers offer a plethora of appealing mobile layout PSD templates. These mobile PSD templates give a face-lift to the appearance of your smartphone user interface given their rich designs and personalizing options. Some designers even offer their PSD files for an extra cost so that you can modify the design layout – overall mobile PSD templates are a great source to beautify your smartphones and let you fall in love with your smartphones over and again. In this post we bring you an assortment of 25 best mobile layout design PSD templates to use on your smartphones – have a look and use the best!


1) iTouch Targets [Visit]


2) Mobile Banking Buttons [Visit]


3) iPhone Camera App UI [Visit]\


4) Instagram Redesign [Visit]


5) Dark Icon Dock [Visit]


6) Login Form [Visit]


7) Free Psd Mobile Music Player [Visit]


8) SimpleBoldUIElements [Visit]


9) Facebook Widget Concept [Visit]


10) Podcast iOS Mobile App Mockup [Visit]


11) Raindrop iOS Toggle PSD [Visit]


12) Quick Menu [Visit]


13) UI – Facebook sidebar interface [Visit]


14) Mobile Dashboard Template [Visit]


15) App Steps [Visit]


16) Bubble Chat For Mobile [Visit]


17) Slider For Mobile Devices [Visit]


18) Action Bar [Visit]


19) Mobile App Navigation [Visit]


20) Mobile App Icon Psd [Visit]


21) Login Template [Visit]


22) Toggle Buttons [Visit]


23) Map Psd [Visit]


24) +Note Android App UI [Visit]


25) Calendar Psd [Visit]


25 Best Mobile Layout Design PSD Template

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