40+ Fresh Photo Effect Photoshop tutorials you cannot miss

Photoshop has become one of the most crucial tools for the photographers across the world these days. Leave alone the photographers;Photoshop is also used these days by the full-fledged industries such as the Movie-making industries, 3-D Animation Industry and a lot more. However, if you are interested in learning about Photoshop, there are a few

40 Fantastic Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop from April 2014

Creating fantastic text effects can be really very useful for those who work in certain specific kinds of industries such as graphic designing and a lot more. Learning the art of beautiful text effect can take you to another level in Photoshop. So, how can you learn these kinds of effects? There are more than

22 Must have photoshop plugins for photographers

Photoshop is a strong, multi platform image and video editing tool. This is an amazing tool used not only to edit high-quality videos and even 3D renders to a great extent. Being one of the best products of Adobe, this graphics editing tool is widely used in various domains. It is considered as a sword

Most beautiful UI designs for dashboard – You will love this

The name dashboard reminds us of an automobile’s dashboard where in the parameters and useful information are presented in a readable form which any layman can understand at a single glance. Likewise, in computer terminology, a dashboard is a graphical user interface integrating different parameters into a single unified display.A dashboard has set of menus