40 Detailed Photoshop text effect tutorials You must Try in 2015

Photoshop is one the best and among the most popular tools for creating graphics. In addition to this, it also consists of several remarkable tools for creating awesome text effects. This is has become an inevitability in many fields. This is chiefly used in advertising, as they are exceptionally eye-catching as compared to a simple

40 Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials You Must Try in 2015

Photo manipulation is the art of creating new edited photos. Photo manipulation is not an easy task for the beginners; however the passion to create something new and imaginative for many acts as a catalyst in doing so. It needs a lot of patience and creative imagination to change a simple photograph into an amazing

50+ Amazing Free Photoshop Patterns for Downloads

Work is the prime obsession of people of this present World. People engaged in various fields are always trying to make better of what they do. For serving this purpose, Photoshop patterns have come into existence. Before using a Photoshop patterns, one must know what a Photoshop patterns are. A Photoshop pattern is an image

50 Super Simple Braid Tutorials that are Extremely Easy

Summers are always considered to be the time for think on how fresh you can look with great hairstyles. Braiding hair could be one of the best choices for summer hairstyles. We understand that time is a constraint in finding some of the best creative hair styles when it comes to versatility of braiding. The

40+ Free High Resolution Photoshop Brushes for designers

Every designer knows the importance of high resolution brushes and needs them to create some awe-inspiring work. Some of these brushes are free online but before downloading them, you need to know the ones that will suit your art the most. Find out the range of high resolution brushes that could enhance the quality of