Wedding Photography | Most Common Mistakes Made by Wedding Photographers | How to Avoid?

Wedding photography is quite a challenge – that it takes the same amount of attention and effort it takes while doing sports photography to be precise. The fact being, wedding is an occasion filled with lot of interesting action all around. And a single wedding photographer more often than not will find too many precious moments for him to capture. And a moment passed by does not give him another chance; so it’s vital that a wedding photographer is very alert and attentive besides having a good control over his camera.

Despite the oddities wedding photography can be quite satisfying at the end of the day – after all you are shooting somebody’s most precious moments of life! Besides wedding photography needs a well sketched out plan from the very initial stages. There are a lot of areas where a wedding photographer can go off the rails and end up making some mistakes, resulting in frustration and loss of opportunities to snap some precious moments.


Let us here discuss those very common mistakes made by wedding photographers and how to avoid them,

  • Acquaintance – getting acquainted with the stars of the day (yes the bride and the groom) is important for having a comfortable shooting session. It would not be proper to not even have talked to the couple and have taken a couple of sample shots to just establish a rapport before the wedding. Often during the wedding day the photographer will have to call or direct the couple and with no prior acquaintance this would be very uncomfortable both for the wedding photographer and the couple.
  • Reconnaissance – it is absolutely essential for the wedding photographer to have a recce of the venue. This helps to have an idea of the locale and the lighting conditions available. Also this gives the wedding photographer a chance to have a plan of the angles to be shot on the wedding day. Not only the wedding but the venue also holds a dear place in hearts of the couple and their families. So snapping a few shots of the wedding venue apart from being a reconnaissance, also gives the wedding photographer a chance to impress the couple and their families.


  • Assistance – wedding being an occasion where you find ample opportunities at any given moment to snap but it gets tough to do all alone – it’s good to have an assistant photographer. Having assistance helps divide work so that the photographer can be sure to capture as many best moments as possible. Also this gives the main photographer a worriless opportunity to take breaks in between. Weddings are usually quite long sessions to manage and can easily drain a single photographer.
  • Extras – one should not forget to get an extra camera and lenses; in occasions like wedding, it becomes absolutely embarrassing to find that a camera is not working or at the worst case scenario one might even break an existing lens. So it is absolutely necessary and one should not do the mistake of attending the wedding with a single camera or a lens. These extra camera bodies and lenses also give the freedom of flipping with them at an instant when the situation demands. One might want to shoot a wide angle shot or only the couple exclusively at times, having spare lenses or cameras provides with this flexibility. One should never end-up having only a single type of lens for the wedding.


  • Uncle Bobs – yeah uncle bobs! This is a funny term coined for those who show-up with cameras on the wedding day doing all things that a professional wedding photographer is supposed to do. Uncle bobs mostly being from the close relatives or friends of the couple the wedding photographer should be careful to deal with them. It’s best to convince them saying they’re being paid for shooting the occasion and request not to come in between. If taken lenient uncle bobs will surely turn out into a headache even for a seasoned wedding photographer spoiling both the mood and opportunities to shoot a nice wedding.
  • Companions – the bride and the groom’s best friends, siblings if any are also an important part of the occasion. So one should never forget to take couple of shots including the bride and the groom with their best friends and siblings.
  • Have it clear – be clear of the services you are offering at the wedding – the hours of work and all the details about how you are going to deliver the wedding photos in detail before striking a deal. Most often conflict may arise just because of the lack of clarity of understanding between the wedding photographer and the customer seeking the services of the wedding photographer.


What were your experiences with wedding photography? What mistakes do you think are important to avoid while wedding photography?

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