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Photography is one of the very few arts that finely blend with science. One cannot separate the art of photography from the science of it; an aspiring photographer ought to understand the basic principles involving photography and move forward amalgamating its science and art.
Conquering the art of photography is to basically grasp the fact that photography is all about lighting and capturing a time frame intact without losing its meaning – in fact the name photography derives from the Greek ‘Phos’ or ‘Photos’ which means light. So learning or conquering photography for that matter clearly depends on how good one understands the nuances of light in relation to an image.
Now with this brief introduction on photography let’s get into some photography tips and suggestions of how to better understand and conquer the art of photography (an exaggeration though!)

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  • Understand the relation of light and vision – this is the crux of photography and can be quoted as the top photography tips anyone could suggest. How good one comprehends the relationship of light to an image makes somebody a better photographer than the other. True masters of photography have a good grip on this relation of light to photography. A particular scene or an image conveys different meanings when it is shot at different light conditions and at different angles. A sunny bright landscape and a dusky landscape eventually convey different meaning. So, one has to culture this understanding of light to photography and attempt to paint his creative thoughts in the form of a photo.
  • Know the basics – photography started with weird looking boxes, photographic plates and films. The photography what we see now is almost distinct from the photography and the techniques of the past. For a serious photography enthusiast it is essential to know the history and the evolution of photography. One may ask why it is essential when things have become obsolete. Well it may not be of great practical relevance, but knowing the origins will definitely let you comprehend the art better – knowledge never goes waste!
  • Catch-up with the technology – as mentioned earlier, the art of photography blends beautifully into science; it’s highly advisable for any photography enthusiast to be up-to-date with the evolving photographic technologies. Evolving photographic technologies besides making your life easy also will let you understand the science of photography better. Besides, with all the state-of-the-art gadgetry that is being available it becomes quite easy to pursue the passion of photography, as results are quick and it gives a chance to rectify the mistakes and move forward with confidence.
  • Study the masters – this is one of the photography tips that is integral to learning the art of photography. As with any other art you become a good photographer only by meticulous observation and learning. Studying the legends of photography especially of the photographic field of your interest is very essential if you wish to be a photographer of highest quality. There are many legends to name in the diverse fields of photography and it would not be fair enough to name some and ignore others here; so search for the people who made their mark in the field of photography you wish to pursue and study their work in and out. This will give you a valuable perspective of why they have been accepted as masters of their field and will drive your learning phase with enthusiasm.
  • Choose a niche – photography is of diverse niches, wildlife, nature, sports, travel to name a few. Choose a niche to your liking and stick to it. Photography is just a generic term and you have the liberty to choose any niche of it. Find your passion and go hard pursuing it until you master. If you are someone very outgoing and active wildlife and sports photography could be your niche; if you are into beauty worship, portrait photography best suits you. So choose a niche wisely and stick to it with full passion and there won’t be a doubt you will make a mark in your chosen niche.
  • Get your hands dirty – the beginning phase is tough for anything, so overcome it with diligence and perseverance. Don’t be in a hurry to become a legend overnight; arts do take time to get perfection – the more patient you are more you will be benefited. Make your initial photography gear to be very simple and affordable; don’t go shopping for the most expensive DSLRs (Digital Single Lens Reflex) right in the beginning of your journey of photography. After getting your camera shoot hard and almost shoot everything you like – and study them. Gather all your photos and try to understand what is making a difference. If you honestly try shooting a lot of pictures tweaking with all the settings available you will have a library of pictures to sit and study. Just try to make the sense of every picture and sieve through the finer points. You should turn out to be a master in guessing the effects of various settings on the outcome of your photos without effort.
  • Make a collection and a journal – this is very important and will let you understand the progress you are making towards your efforts. Have a collection of all the photos you are snapping and maintain a good journal besides it, noting down anything you encountered strange or worth noting. You can jot down all the settings of your camera you experimented on a given day and how those settings affected your pictures. This collection and journal will turn out so valuable in the long run and will make you a master in troubleshooting and taking better pictures.

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This list seems so long I know, but these are the bare minimum of photography tips to master before you conquer the art of photography. Hope you pursue your photography with passion and capture legendary shots.
Do you have anything to add to the list? How has your journey of learning the art of photography been?


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