Long exposure photography

Long exposure Photography examples are displayed here. Photography is one of the most popular creative arts of today’s world. Photography started long back with the invention of camera but over the years, photography has emerged as a creative art. While people used to use photography as a passion or an art, today many passionate photography lovers take photography as a career option. Photography is now classified into various branches such as family photography, children photography, natural photography long exposure photography, night photography and so on. One of the most popular types of photography of today’s world is ling exposure photography. Long exposure photography is a type of photography that involves using a long duration shutter speed to perfectly capture the stationery elements of images while at the same time blurring, smearing or obscuring the moving elements. The moving lights of the images are captured perfectly and the pathways of the light are visible clearly. Long exposure photography is more effective and easy to capture in low light. However, long exposure photography can be also capture in bright light with certain cameras having special features. Long exposure photography can be adopted with proper guidance and knowledge. One can go through various long exposure photography tutorials available and learn the basics of long exposure photography. Here is a display of some of the best examples of long exposure photography. Explore this gallery of long exposure photography examples, understand the techniques of long exposure photography and get inspired to capture your best attempt at long exposure photography.

Image Credit Miles Morgan [Via]



Image Credit Gary Randall [Via]



Image Credit David Mar Quinto[Via]



Image Credit Andy Kennelly [Via]



Image Credit OaKy Isra [Via]



Image Credit Mathijs van den Bosch [Via]



Image Credit Gost ∞ Ridr [Via]



Image Credit Danilo Faria [Via]




Image Credit OaKy Isra [Via]




Image Credit Vincent Piotrowski  [Via]




Image Credit james vernacotola [Via]




Image Credit JWT agency [Via]




Image Credit Cal Redback [Via]




Image Credit evan pollard [Via]




Image Credit Eric Rousset [Via]




Image Credit uliendu92 [Via]




Image Credit Carlos Gotay [Via]




Image Credit OaKy Isra [Via]




Image Credit AtomicZen [Via]




Image Credit Zsolt Andrási [Via]




Image Credit Kevin McNeal [Via]




Image Credit Adrian De Vittor [Via]




Image Credit Adrian De Vittor [Via]




Image Credit Matthieu H [Via]




Image Credit  mikepino [Via]




Image Credit aperture2007 [Via]




Image  Credit Imran Rashid [Via]




Image Credit raages [Via]




Image Credit Stephen Callaghan [Via]




Image Credit Imran Rashid [Via]




Image Credit David [Via]




Image Credit KENNY BARKER [Via]




Image Credit Aaron Reed [Via]




Image Credit Marsel van Oosten [Via]




Image Credit Dylan &… Toh [Via]




Image Credit nldazuu [Via]




Image Credit Ivan Prebeg [Via]




Image Credit D-P Photography [Via]




Image Credit David Keochkerian [Via]




Image Credit Knate Myers [Via]




Image Credit Larry Marshall [Via]




Image Credit Jim Clark [Via]




Image Credit Rilind H [Via]




Image Credit David Mould [Via]




Image Credit Ivan Prebeg [Via]




Image Credit Tom Chesterman [Via]




Image Credit Neil Kremer [Via]




Image Credit Ángel Sánchez García  [Via]




Image Credit Charles Ramiscal [Via]

Long exposure photography

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