Fantastic pictures of National geographic contest from 2009

There is a unique reputation for National Geographic and their contests. Their photographs speak for themselves. The talents explored in the contest are beyond imagination and are at heights of creativity.  Each picture has a story, see for yourself:

1) Image Credit :By Cesare Naldi

Out of the very few elephants that can swim, Ranjan is best used as a tourist attraction for his talent. His driver, Nazroo agrees to pose for this unique picture.



2) Image Credit : By Stephen Martin



3) Image Credit : By Mike Matas

This ice berg creates a pattern of itself making it a good capture.  The edge of an ice-berg is captured to make the pure water visible.



4) Image Credit : By Natalja Silver

This picture has a long yet interesting story. Baptized as the “Darvaza natural gas crater “, it has been burning forever after a natural gas exploration accident which took place in 1950s. Situated in the centre of the Karakum Desert in the central Asian country of Turkmenistan, it is 60 meters long and 20 meters deep.



5) Image Credit : By Andrew Cwiklewich

The bright orange in this picture is obtained naturally on receiving the sunlight. Jordan is famous for its Sandbanks making it a best place for an adventure filled holiday.


National Geography photography contest receives more than one million photographs, out of which these 5 photos are selected to be the best in the year 2009. With a goal to nurture the global community of photographers, every year National Geography’s photo contest is bringing out the best pictures in the field of photography.