You would not believe this guy is blind

1) Meet Carl Bovard. 13-years-ago Bovard suffered a terrible accent that left him completely blind.


2) After some time spent recovering, Bovard eventually regained sight in one of his eyes. During his time in complete blindness Bovard said what he missed most of all was seeing animals.


3) Shortly thereafter he adopted his first two tiger cubs and founded his non-profit sanctuary for big cats, Single Vision.


4) Bovard runs Single Vision from his home in Melrose, Florida. His 274-acre property serves as a sanctuary for the big cats.


5) When animals come to Bovard’s sanctuary they spend their first few months living inside his house.


6) He says this is to make sure they’re properly socialized before they’re released into the scantuary with the rest of the animals.


7) Bovard’s mission with Single Vision is to raise awareness of the plight of these big cats in the wild. He often welcomes tours and visitors to the sanctuary.


8) Despite his vision, Bovard plays rough with his cats. His sanctuary currently hosts two lions, two bobcats, two Bengal tigers, two Siberian tigers, and an Asian black leopard.


9) While Bovard says he has a good relationship with all the animals, he has had a couple of close calls.


10) “I’ve had a leopard bite me on the nose and I had to get that sewed back together. I’ve also had my shoulder separated,” he said.


11) Still though Bovard plans to continue his mission of preserving a future for these big cats for as long as he can.