6 Uses for Portrait Photography

In this age of Kim Kardashian and the frequent selfie, portrait photography is more popular than ever. However, it is perhaps not such a respected art form as it once was. Portraiture has a long and illustrious history which is celebrated in such places as the National Portrait Gallery but has gathered a certain stigma because of the aforementioned selfie. I think we should reclaim the portrait for it’s many useful and artistic qualities. Here are 6 fantastic uses for portraits.


Personalised Gift

There a number of websites now where you can get your images printed onto products such as mugs and phone cases. These make great personalised gifts. A special gift for an elderly relative would be to get a family portrait at Venture and gifting it framed in all it’s glory.

Social Media Profile

The main reason for the growth in popularity of selfies is the ubiquity of social media. While it is perhaps not necessary to flood your news feed with pictures of yourself doing every mundane daily activity, it is worth having a nice portrait picture for your Facebook page and more practically, your  profile.

Stag Do or Hen Party T-shirt

When on a stag or hen do it is important that the general public know who exactly needs to be the centre of attention. Therefore, a portrait picture on the group’s t-shirts is key. You may want to opt for an embarrassing picture of the subject when they were much younger, but a serious contemporary portrait can have same hilarious effect when on the garments of a large group of rowdy drinkers.

Give your CV or Business Card your Trademark

This is more acceptable in some industries than it is in others but you can use a good portrait picture on a CV or business card to give it that personal touch.


Passport Pictures

This is less obvious than it may seem. Once you have some high quality portrait photographs saved digitally you can use them to do all sorts. So remember this next time you consider forking out more than £5 at a passport photobooth.

Make Yourself into a Work of Art

You could get creative with your portrait and fashion a pop art painted version of yourself or other abstract variation.

shutterstock_187724849Pretend to be Famous

Have a bit of fun by printing off numerous copies of your portrait, signing them with a message such as ‘all the best, your pal…’ and sending them to all your friends. You could go that one step further and pretend they have signed up to your fan club. This is perhaps an activity for someone who has got a lot of time on their hands. However, there is perhaps little difference between this and bombarding your friends with selfies via social media.


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