50 Most Beautiful Villages Of Europe

50 most beautiful villages of Europe: If you think the beautiful medieval Europe is lost amidst modernity, you need to look at this list of country side beauty that mesmerizes people to the core.  From Freudenberg of Germany to Beynac of France and from San Gimignano of Italy to Undreal of Denmark, Europe has ample number of beautiful villages that makes every traveler to stop for a minute getting awestruck by its charm. Nature blossoms at its best in these European villages and architectural glory is in its richest attire. From country houses to churches and cottages and from rivers to hills and rocks, villages of Europe have all the charms to offer that a human eye always desires to see and experience. The place where poets create their poetry and artists play with their brushes, these villages offers a perfect holiday destination from people all over the world. The high green peaks, the blue water flowing, the tallest churches resting and the rocks covered with ice; there are host of natural features and glory that these villages of Europe behold within its bosom. When the world is moving towards post-modernism, few natural hideouts rests in its sublime existence mesmerizing every traveler who pass by. Here is a list of 50 most beautiful villages of Europe that will let you witness some of the most beautiful places in the world. Explore this gallery of 50 most beautiful villages of Europe and get inspiration from beauty of nature at its best.


1) Village in the fjords, Norway


2) Pietrapertosa village, Italy


3) Hallstatt village, Austria


4) Fisherman’s village, Norway


5) Village of Manarola, Italy


6) Gásadalur village, Faroe islands


7) Fishing village of Lofoten islands


8) Positano village, Italy


9) Smögen Village, Sweden


10) Ísafjörður, Iceland


11) Burnsall, UK


12) Naarden, Netherland


13) Dinant, Belgium


14) Cochem, Germany


15) Lindau, Germany


16) Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany


17) Èze, France


18) La Roque-Gageac, France


19) Beynac-et-Cazenac, France


20) Najac, France


21) Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


22) Wengen, Switzerland


23) Gmunden, Austria


24) Piran, Slovenia


25) Rovinj, Croatia


26) Alberobello, Italy


27) Cudillero, Spain


28) Piódão, Portugal


29) Kardamyli, Greece


30) Reine, Norway


31) Geiranger, Norway


32) Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


33) Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


34) Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


35) Painswick, England


36) Clare, England


37) Norcia, Italy


38) Roundstone, Ireland


39) Passau, Germany


40) Mykonos, Greece


41) Dingle, Ireland


42) Lucca, Italy


43) Kotor, Montenegro


44) Hindeloopen, Netherlands


45) Bled, Slovenia


46) Ronda, Spain


47) Sitges, Spain


48) Gamla stan, Sweden


49) Conwy, Wales


50) Llangollen, Wales

50 most beautiful villages of Europe

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