50 Excellent Captures from Canon 5D

50 Excellent Captures from Canon 5D. Photography is a creative art that has undergone various transitions since it started with the discovery of its first camera. While much earlier, photography was undertaken as a part of hobby or pastime, it has emerged as a full-time professional career and an on demand creative art. The wide range of Canon cameras brought a new horizon of photography. The high quality lenses and amazing features and effects enhance the art of photography and serves as a boon to photographers. In that case the outcome of Canon 5D has been a tremendous arrival for photographers and camera and photo lovers. Canon 5D is an 12.8 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera which was announced by Canon on 8 February 2010 and in the last two years the camera has served greatly well among users. It has 1080p HD video recording at 24p, 25p and 30p with drop framing, DIGIC image processor, and live view mode, built in flash, internal monaural microphone, highlight tone priority and so on. All these striking features of Canon 5D makes it all the more usable and durable amidst users. Canon 5D enables photographers to create some of the best shots of lifetime. With picture clarity and shooting effects, photographers can experiment best with photography using 5D. Here is a presentation of some of beautiful shots captured using a 5D. Explore this gallery of 50 Excellent Captures from Canon 5D

50 Best Night Shots from Canon 5D

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