50 Beautiful mosques of the world

Mosques popularly referred as Masjid, its Arabic name is the prayer house for Muslims. There are wide ranges of beautiful mosques that reflect stunning architectural glory across the globe. Mosques are divine shrines where Muslim devotees visit to seek blessings from Allah. The first ever mosque was built in Madina, Saudi Arabia where Al-Masjid Al Nabawl is located. This first Masjid was built with mud and twigs. However buildings of Mosque have emerged great transformations over the years. At the present time, there are Mosques which are architectural marvels built with precious stones and materials. During the times of Ramzan and Eid-ul-Fitr, these mosques are hugely crowded by Muslim devotees coming from all different parts of the world. The world has ample number of stunning mosques across all Islam countries. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Istanbul, India and many more countries behold beautiful mosques within its heart. Every mosque offers peace at mind be it small or big, however these charming mosques offer visual delight along with divine presence. Thus, these mosques allow one to experience visual delight while seeking blessings from the almighty. Beautiful mosques of the world offer picture perfect clicks to photographers that delight every observer. Here is a display of 50 beautiful mosques of the world that will let you see and experience a journey across stunning Masjids all over the world. Explore this gallery of 50 beautiful mosques of the world and enjoy a ride across stunning visual glories.


1) Telyashayakh Mosque , Uzbekistan




2) Central Mosque , Tashkent , Uzbekistan




3) Ulugh Beg Madrassa , Samarkand , Uzbekistan




4) Sehzade Mosque , Istanbul , Turkey




5) Sabanci Central Mosque, Adana, Turkey




6) Kocatepe Mosque , Ankara , Turkey




7) Baitun Nur Mosque , Canada




8) Assyakirin mosque , singapore




9) Putrajaya Mosque , Malaysia




10) Lao Huasi sufi mosque , Linxia




11) Bandaraya Mosque, Kota Kinabalu




12) Zahir Mosque , malaysia




13) Benghazi Mosque , Libiya




14) Wazir Khan Mosque , Lahore , Pakisthan




15) Taj Mahal mosque , India




16) Badshahi Mosque , Pakisthan




17) Al-Saleh Mosque ,Yamen




18) Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Dubai




19) Masjid e Tooba , Pakisthan




20) Faisal Mosque , Pakisthan




21) The Quba Mosque, Medina , KSA





22) Grande Mosquee de Paris , France




23) Masjid Nabawi , Medina





24) Saint Petersburg Mosque , Russia




25) Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s Mosque , Sweden





26) Great Mosque of Hohhot , China




27) Jamia Masjid, Srinagar , India




28) The Great Mosque of Aurangzeb , Banaras , India




29) Jami Mosque, Champaner Gujarat, India




30) Jumma Masjid, Ahmedabad , India




31) Abu Derwish Mosque in Amman – Jordan




32) King Abdullah Mosque, Amman , Jordan




33) Al Fateh Mosque in Manama – Bahrain




34) Emir Abdelkader Mosque , Kasantina , Algeria




35) Ketchaoua Mosque , Algeria




36) Jamia Mosque – Nairobi, Kenya




37) Baitul Futuh, London





38) The London Central Mosque





39) Great Mosque of the Umayyad, Aleppo , Syria




40) Mosque of Malkoch Bey , Hungary






41) Old Ottoman Mosque,  Hungary





42) Jama Masjid – New Delhi, India




43) Medina Baay Mosque , Senegal




44) Grand Mosque of Touba , Senegal




45) Blue Mosque , Yerevan, Armenia




46) Kobe Mosque, Kobe Japan




47) Islamic Center , Madrid , Spain




48) Omar ibn Al Khattab Mosque , Berlin





49) Great Mosque of Gaza , Palestine




50) Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid , Philippines

Beautiful mosques of the world

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