50 Amazing reflections of things on water droplets

Did you know that reflections of things on water droplets can be a visual treats for human eyes? If no, you should take a ride across this gallery of beautiful visions created out of various things’ reflections on water droplets. Reflection in simple terms is a change in direction between two different media in such a way that one wave front returns into the medium from which it has originated. Be it moon, stars, lamp, candle or anything, reflection on water is a great sight to visualize. Water droplets itself is a visual treat to observe and when a particular thing is getting reflected in the water droplets, the charm of the vision is enhanced towards mesmerizing beauty. While photographers try to capture those visions through their camera, painters try to capture the vision through their paintings and poets try to describe the charm of the vision through their poetry. Thus, various artists try to demonstrate the beauty of reflections in water droplets through their own art of medium. Here is a display of 50 amazing reflections of things on water droplets. This presentation will attract not just art lovers but everyone. You can explore this gallery of 50 amazing reflections of things on water droplets and get mesmerized with the sense of impact that these beautiful presentation creates on an observer. Exploring this gallery of 50 amazing reflections of things on water droplets, the only thing that will come to your mind is that reflections cannot be more beautiful.


1) Image Credit Corrie White.


2) Image Credit Dragan Todorovic.


3) Image Credit May 


4) Image Credit Tristan Martin 


5) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov 


6) Image Credit Sergio Darcas


7) Image Credit May 


8) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov 


9) Image Credit Annemarie van den Berg


10) Image Credit aroon_kalandy


11) Image Credit aroon_kalandy


12) Image Credit Giovanni Orlando 


13) Image Credit Haakon Nygård


14) Image Credit Tim Smith


15) Image Credit Raghu Lakshminaarayan


16) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov 


17)  Image Credit Sergio Darcas 


18) Image Credit Fotos By Dee 


19) Image Credit Gary Hickin 


20) Image Credit Celeste Mookherjee


21) Image Credit Sergio Darcas 


22) Image Credit Dragan Todorovic




23) Image Credit Kiwi_GaL




24) Image Credit May



25) Image Credit Pawel Olas




26) Image Credit Quynh Nguyen



27) Image Credit Evan Leeson



28) Image Credit Quynh Nguyen



29) Image Credit Alan echano





30) Image Credit Alan echano



31) Image Credit Steve Wall




32) Image Credit Steve Wall



33) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov




34) Image Credit David Dukesell



35) Image Credit Steph A




36) Image Credit Lil Snoop



37) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov




38) Image Credit mj.foto



39) Image Credit Anniison




40) Image Credit Nora Carol



41) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov




42) Image Credit Geoff



43) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov




44) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov




45) Image Credit Ge van ‘t Hoff




46) Image Credit May



47) Image Credit buyie



48) Image Credit Nevena Uzurov



49) Image Credit May



50) Image Credit Chris Sargent


reflections of things on water droplets.

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