40 Detailed tutorials for long exposure photography

Photography is a creative art form that has emerged a great way over the years. While in earlier days, photography was adopted by people just as a hobby; in today’s world photography is a fully fledged career option for many photographers. People now undergo photography classes, photography tutorials and so on in order to master this art of photography. Photography as an art again can be classified into various types such as wild life photography, natural photography, family photography, long exposure photography and so on. Long exposure photography is one of the most popular types of photography that has emerged over the recent years. Long exposure photography is a type photography that involves using a long duration shutter speed in order to capture the perfect clicks of the moving elements. Long exposure photography are more easy to capture in low light conditions, however, long exposure photography can also be accomplished in bright light conditions with specially designed cameras. Night time is greatly used to capture masterpieces of long exposure photography. Besides, water flowing as well is one of the popularly used features of long exposure photography. Capturing long exposure photograph at times can be tricky but with necessary help, one can master this art. Here is a display of 40 detailed tutorials for long exposure photography through which one can learn mastery over long exposure photography. Explore this gallery of 40 detailed tutorials for long exposure photography and develop your skills on photography.

1) Breathtaking Long Exposure Photography and How to Capture It [Tutorial]



2) Long Exposure Photography Tutorial with Scott Kelby [Tutorial]


3) Night photography tutorial – long exposure [Tutorial]









6) An 11th Tip for Long Exposure Photography [Tutorial]



7) Breathtaking Long Exposure Photography and How to Capture It [Tutorial]



8) Long Exposure Photography  In Daylight [Tutorial]




10) long exposure photography [Tutorial]


11) Long Exposure Night Photography [Tutorial]



12) Waterfall Photography Tips [Tutorial]



13) The Basics of Camera Exposure Controls [Tutorial]


14) Special Effects with Christmas Lights (Long Exposure Photography Tutorial) [Tutorial]


15) Long exposure tutorial: night photography [Tutorial]


16) How to take long exposure pictures of the sea [Tutorial]






18) Long exposure tutorial with Scott Kelby [Tutorial]



19) Tips for Capturing the City in Motion [Tutorial]



20) Long Exposure Photography: Writing Your Name [Tutorial]


21) An In-Depth Guide to Long Exposure Water Photography [Tutorial]


22) Long Exposure Photography Tips [Tutorial]


23) Ultimate guide for long exposure [Tutorial]


24) How to Apply Long Exposure Techniques in Your Photography [Tutorial]


25) Darren’s Guide to Blue Hour Long Exposure Photography [Tutorial]


26) A Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography [Tutorial]


27) A Guide on Long Exposure Shots in Night Photography [Tutorial]


28) Guide to daytime long exposures [Tutorial]


29) Long Exposure photography [Tutorial]


30) Long exposure technique – Quick Shots [Tutorial]


31) Photography Tutorials: long exposures of rivers [Tutorial]


32) Long Exposure Photography at night (BULB mode) using Moonlight only [Tutorial]


33) Long Exposure Tutorial Detailed [Tutorial]


34) Tutorial: Long Exposures [Tutorial]


35) Long Exposure Photography – Sparkler Fireworks [Tutorial]


36) Long And Short Exposures With Shutter Speed [Tutorial]


37) Long Exposure Night Photography Tutorial [Tutorial]



38) Long Exposure Basic [Tutorial]


39) Long Exposure Night Photography – Step By Step Guide [Tutorial]


40) Slow Shutter Speeds and Long Exposure – Photography Tutorial [Tutorial]




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